We played it awesomely low-key on Friday: late-evening workout together, grabbed Chinese food on the walk home, caught up on our Thursday night TV, watched the AWFUL Prince of Persia on Netflix.

On Saturday we met my friend Katie of linenlaid&felt (+her husband Tony and their friend Chase) for lunch back in IL. I love reunions. Katie lives out in Virginia now, so meet-ups are few and far between. It was great to catch up (+have her meet Adam!), and I’m so excited she’ll be making our wedding guestbook. After lunch I took Adam over to my school, just to see it from the outside. I got nerdy enjoyment out of pointing out “my Starbucks”, “my Chipotle”, “my gas station”, etc. It’s strange working so far from where you live. We stopped at my favorite local coffee shop there and I treated my guy to a latte and sweet treat. Loved sharing the other part of my life with him. We met Michael for dinner at Chili Lili’s back in Milwaukee for beers and (obviously) chili before their final indoor soccer game of the season. I haven’t been able to go to any, as they’re usually 11pm on Monday nights, so it was nice to see my guy in action (still at 11pm, eeks). His team won AND he scored a goal! πŸ™‚

This morning we got ourselves over to Trocadero for brunch. We’ve been saying we’d go for what feels like FOREVER, and since Adam went with friends last week (the audacity! Oh, I was out to brunch with friends, too? Shhhh) he promised me this weekend would contain a yummy brunch date. And yummy it was! We got cappuccinos while waiting for our table, and then enjoyed delicious food (I went for a brie/tomato/basil/balsamic sandwich with rosemary potatoes—plus a beer). The restaurant is right across the river from our reception venue, so we took a few steps out on the bridge (potential engagement photo location! We had to reschedule our shoot; way too cold today).

Spent the rest of today cleaning and relaxing. Adam commented “this really is a nice apartment” and we had to laugh. Our messiness takes over the place at times, making this truth harder to distinguish. Ah, feels good to have clean floors and empty surfaces.

My mom’s coming in the morning for a day o’ bride-tobe/mother-of-the-bride fun. Should be a good start to SPRING BREAK. πŸ™‚ Time to go enjoy Half Broke Horses on my Nook and look forward to a NOT 5AM wake-up time. Happy Sunday!

P.S. Completely random fun fact from the weekend (via Michael, who is Swiss): birth control pills in German? Antibabypille. ANTI BABY PILLS. We thought he was kidding. He was not; even showed us the Wikipedia page. Ah, so direct.


~ by Elena Marie on March 27, 2011.

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