Spring Break: Ladies’ Day

My mom, who was born in Milwaukee and stayed through her undergrad years, returned to her city yesterday to hang out with me. She is also on her spring break (yep, I learned from the best…my mom’s an occupational therapist for a public school system!), so we had the day to eat yummy food, stop by Adam’s/my wedding venues, and shop a smidgen. My mom got her wedding silverware from George Watts (and also purchased my cousin’s there), so she wanted to have a ladies’ lunch at the tea room and browse.  I got the spanakopita + winter vegetable hash, and was pretty darn happy with it (+the avocado ranch dressing on my salad–yum!). I don’t think I’m so much a fine china person (other than family sets handed down), but will definitely consider some stainless silverware.

Once Adam got home from work we all went and had burgers at Stack’d. We like a fine balance of classy and greasy over here, thanyouverymuch. 😉


~ by Elena Marie on March 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Spring Break: Ladies’ Day”

  1. Sounds like such a fun day with mom! And wow, that burger looks amazing!!

  2. the tea house looks so beautiful!

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