A Stylin’ Farewell: April 1st, 2011

Event: Picking up applications, taking Adam to the airport

Outfit: Wrap sweater: Gap Outlet; Skirt: CAbi (mommed); Boots: Steve Madden; Sequin necklace: Rethreads (Gap); Arrow necklace: Stella & dot; Socks: Target

No April foolin’—I just dropped Adam off at the airport for his 10 day trip to the UK. SIGH. Truth: I am so, so jealous. I loved Scotland when we made it there in 2009, I love Adam’s Scottish relatives (especially his great-aunt), I could definitely use a trip to the Highlands. But it just wouldn’t be a great budgetary decision, and working at a school means a pretty darn inflexible days-off schedule (which, yes, makes sense). I am very excited for him that he gets to visit his youngest sister (who is studying there until June), purchase his wedding kilt (eeeeeks! exciting!), and take lots of amazing photos. And, as he reminded me yesterday, we’ll make it back to Europe again. Many times. Travel is definitely something we plan to prioritize…forever. 🙂

I spent the rest of today walking around the Third Ward picking up job applications and trying on clothes (abbreviated fitting room reviews from Anthro are coming up). Ideally I would love to have a job in retail or ANYTHING different for the summer. I don’t want to commute an hour for a half-day summer program in my district, and I feel like a break from speech-language pathology for the summer would be nice. It’d be fun to work with pretty clothes for a few months. Like most school employees, I get paid the same all year, so I’m just viewing any income as icing on the cake. Funds for summer adventures. Honeymoon $$. Applications are already looking awkward, though. “Wages made at previous job”, etc…I think they’re lookin’ for hourly wages. I am very aware I will make nowhere near what I make at my “real job”, and have decided I’m okay with that. Just need to make that clear to potential employers, I suppose. Hoping I can find something! If nothing else I’ll try to babysit this summer for some extra $$—I do love workin’ with kids in all capacities. In any case, I wore my new Gap sweater (I love it!) and added some bling because—let’s face it—I’d feel uncomfortable requesting job apps at boutiques/Anthro lookin’ sloppy.

Time to go. Hoping to get some paperwork for work done tonight so I can relax for most of my last weekend of freedom. Heading to suburbia tomorrow for an early birthday celebration for my mom (I think Arwen might get a trip to the amazing dog park out of it…).

“Take a picture with me! It’s all I’ll have to remember you by!” -Elena, the occasional drama queen


~ by Elena Marie on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Stylin’ Farewell: April 1st, 2011”

  1. yes i love that wrap sweater with the bling

  2. […] yes, I kind of love this new wrap sweater. I’ve worn it several times since last week—-always pairing it with this necklace. Eh, once I love a pairing it’s sometimes hard to […]

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