Spring Break: Outlets & Cibo Italiano

Especially knowing my federal tax refund was landing in my bank account on March 25th, a trip to the outlet mall was absolutely penciled in for Spring break. While getting ready to make the trip, I realized I hadn’t driven since Saturday. AWESOME. My commute is what some might consider to be intense, so it’s been very, very nice to be a passenger and pedestrian all week. The weather was right for some nice wandering around the mall, and I came home with loot from JCrew, LOFT, & Gap. Booyeah.

After watching Eat, Pray, Love last night (and just knowing Adam’s jetting off to Europe tomorrow), I was set on some Veronese food (a la Elena’s study abroad experience) for dinner. This meant a trip to the Public Market to grab the items that were my staples in Italia (partially because they were cheap): Bread. Wine. Caprese salad…and I grabbed some asparagus (oh yeah, and chocolate eggs) just because. In Verona, My roommate and I ate bread, olive oil, &Ā  cheese A WHOLE LOT for dinner. Because we were lazy? Pretty much. But it brings back a lot of fond memories. We walked so darned much that we could pretty much eat whatever culinary delights Italy had to offer. Ah, daily gelato. How I miss thee.

Food and clothing are definitely two things that are intertwined with so many memories. What dish I ordered, what dress I wore…these are the things my mind chooses to store away for later reference. No complaints here. šŸ™‚


~ by Elena Marie on April 1, 2011.

One Response to “Spring Break: Outlets & Cibo Italiano”

  1. miam miam! reminds me of our tasty dinner from the market! meatballs and pesto pasta and wine and copious amounts of bead and cheese šŸ™‚

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