Spring Break: Mom’s Birthday

We celebrated my mom’s 61st birthday a bit early yesterday so that both daughters could be in town. Anna made a delicious brunch for all of us (I was asked to bring champagne for mimosas), we took Arwen to the dog park for a long time (she is still exhausted and is currently passed out on the couch next to me), opened our gifts from Anna’s trip to China (I got new jewelry and an amazing personalized calligraphy print with Adam’s/my name), Mom opened her new Nook from our dad (YES!). We went on a trip to the mall so that our mom could pick out a new Nook cover from Anna and me. She also went with Kate Spade, but in hot pink/orange. Did a little shopping at Gap and then headed home for spaghetti pie made by mom and cupcakes I brought from Milwaukee Cupcake Co. After looking at Anna’s China photos it was time for me to head home, puppy in tow. It’s nice living close enough that I’ve been able to attend all family birthday celebrations! With being in school hours away for years, that’s been a rarity.

P.S. I always just roast potatoes, but I’m making these home fries by Smitten Kitchen next time. Anna rocked them! Yum.


~ by Elena Marie on April 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “Spring Break: Mom’s Birthday”

  1. Yum! Breakfast looks delish and happy birthday to your mom – you both look lovely 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing saturday! All that food looks so yummy, especially the cupcakes! I know you are a big fan of your e-reader, what kind do you have, I am in the market and need some ideas.

    • I have the nook (wi-fi). I also have the nook color (I got two gifts from my mom and Adam for Christmas ha), but for reading I prefer the Nook with the eink technology—-the Nook color has a backlit LCD screen and that’s not my preference for lots of reading (though it is very fun—will be getting Android apps this month!).

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