Sequined Gingham: April 4th, 2011

Event: Back to work!
Outfit: Gingham shirt: JCrew Factory Store; Black cropped pants/Patent city flats: Gap; Necklace: Rethreads (Gap); Belt: Taken from a dress

Most of today’s photos kind of cracked me up. With the heavenly lighting they might have been rather classy…if not for the lawn chairs & puppy tails that were pretty much uncroppable (+a very intense wind). Arwen made it clear that her booty is here to stay; I think it’s in almost every single picture. Oh, pupster.

This will definitely be the CHECK OUT MY SHOPPING week. First & second up: shirt from JCrew, flats from Gap. I’ve been needing new flats for a long, long time, and purchasing this pair meant be able to toss an old, smelly Target pair. These flats come in so many more, FUN colors…but I needed a size 11 in ’em. Black patent was my only option. Which, hey, is certainly a necessity…so no huge complaints here. Collared shirts with bling might be my new favorite pairing. I felt very pulled together in this for my first day back at work.

Going back really wasn’t bad. I got very small amounts of sleep last night, probably just due to being way off schedule (nope, didn’t get up at 5:10am over break) and, sure, missing Adam. I mean, Arwen’s a decent cuddle buddy, but I miss my guy. The whole time difference thing makes communication difficult. I think that, and just knowing it’s a 10-day trip, is what makes this feel pretty different from when he’s away on business for a few days. Meh. He’s off doing amazing things, though, and I can’t wait for him to have his KILT SHOPPING DAY (Thursday!).

Time to debate a trip to the gym. It’s highly likely…IF I can get my booty going in the next 2 minutes. Otherwise a tortellini, TV, & nook coma are going to take over.

Happy Monday, amici!


~ by Elena Marie on April 4, 2011.

7 Responses to “Sequined Gingham: April 4th, 2011”

  1. I saw those flats at Gap last week! Extra 40% off the clearance price, they could NOT be beat! My mom picked up the yellow pair. She really wanted the coral but all the sizes were picked over.

    Great photos with the sunlight behind you! I’m going to try and wear crop-ish pants tomorrow. Let’s hope the temps cooperate!

  2. Are those the city flats that come in a bag? If so, I already own two pairs, hopefully making it 3 with a quick Gap trip tomorrow!

    • They are indeed! They do have some fun colors in my size online, but the ones I really lusted after—not so much. 😦 Very jealous of your growing collection!

  3. Even with the wind, lawn chairs, and dog rears, these pictures are fabulous (I’m especially in love with that first one). I love the very J Crew-esque ensemble!

  4. I love this! Cute and comfy, with a dash of sparkle!

  5. loooovvveee it! classy

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