Wrapped Up: April 7th, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Wrap sweater: Gap Outlet; Dress: The Limited (2008); Boots: Steve Madden; Socks: Target; Necklace: Rethreads (Gap)

(I believe I was fixing my hair in the above photo, not striving to block out any noise that dared enter my personal space bubble. But then again WHO KNOWS. Only a papasan-chair-crashing puppy witnessed the event. ;-D)

PHEW. It feels good to be done with most of the first week back from break. Honestly, once Thursday night rolls around the week pretty much feels over. I just have meetings tomorrow—-no kids—-so Fridays aren’t too taxing. They’re usually busy, but it’s not as though I’m running around printing materials/grabbin’ gloves & tongue depressors/taking data/having high energy constantly, etc. Tonight will mean baking some cookies for tomorrow’s work potluck, drinking a glass of wine, cleanin’ up, and generally unwinding.

So, yes, I kind of love this new wrap sweater. I’ve worn it several times since last week—-always pairing it with this necklace. Eh, once I love a pairing it’s sometimes hard to let it go. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME BE CREATIVE. I suspect this will be a new go-to item. It’s just so cozy!

Life updates:

1) Adam bought his kilt today (in Glasgow)! It should arrive in 8ish weeks. He got to go with some of his Scottish family members + his youngest sister, so that’s pretty awesome. 2) I signed up for a 5K next month and ran a slow one on the treadmill last night to get back in the groove (approximately 31:30). I’m excited to have something specific to work toward again!


~ by Elena Marie on April 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “Wrapped Up: April 7th, 2011”

  1. I love that wrap sweater, too, and it looks fabulous with that outfit!!

  2. Lots to comment on here.
    First I love that wrap sweater. I can see it working for so many looks.
    Second, I too, also feel like once Thursday rolls around the week is done. And I’m having a glass of wine right now!
    Third, good for you for signing up for a 5k. I want to do a 5 or 10, but am too much of a wimp to do it on own and my friends are too lazy to do it with me.

  3. Oh I get stuck with pairing the sames things together too, but why fix it if it ain’t broke right?!

  4. that wrap sweater is fantastic paired with a long sparkley necklace! i can see why it’s a new favorite of yours!

  5. this sweater is my fave

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