Mustachioed Ladies.

During a September weekend in Lake Geneva, us ladies discussed a girls’ weekend. And this weekend…IT HAPPENED! Beth drove up from Champaign, Becky came in from Indianapolis (with her boyfriend Jim kindly accompanying her), I headed down from Milwaukee, and we all met at Deena’s (& Jared’s) place in Lombard.

Adam has a big friend group from high school that all still get together as often as possible. The four of us constitute the female members of the group, and we decided to celebrate that fact with a day of delicious food (brunch at Egg Harbor & tapas at Meson Sabika–>where Jared & Deena will be awesomely tying the knot!), shopping downtown (Becky works at Coach and browsing with her was so. tempting), enjoying iced coffee drinks, and drinking lots o’ wine with excellent chick flick accompaniment (Jim joined us at this point and approved Princess Bride. We followed it up with Anastasia. Note to self: Yes, you do still know all the words). Oh, and Becky brought temporary-tattoo-finger-mustaches.

I know. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SOMETHING SO AWESOME?! We obviously applied them and enjoyed drinking our wine whilst mustachioed.

Moderation was not the name of the game this weekend, but I’m okay with that. Will jump back on the wagon o’ treadmill and salad tomorrow. It was great to catch up and, yes, to belt out “Once Upon a December” (and discuss Demetri’s hotness. Right, ladies?!). I’m off to get ready for bed. My poor jetlagged fiance’ has been asleep for 1.5 hours already and I think I’m going to follow his example (and Arwen’s, who’s currently passed out at my feet). Good night!



~ by Elena Marie on April 10, 2011.

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