The Engagement Shoot Poll: For April 22nd, 2011


(I figure caps are the drumroll/mark-as-epic/loud-voice internet equivalent)

I’ll admit that just taking/viewing these photos has helped me out a bit, but I would really love some outside opinions. I won’t add any of my own commentary here, other than to say that I think wearing tights on Friday may be a pretty necessary thing (ah, 40 degree forecast), so perhaps the dress at right should be pictured more like this. It was ridiculously windy when these photos were taken, and thus I’m clinging to my skirt in both shots (I do think some of the neighbors still got accidental views. Oops)…neither generally requires my hands glued to my sides.

That said…to the poll! Which dress do you think I should wear to our engagement shoot this Friday? It would be, as pictured, with these heels and necklace. Thanks in advance for your feedback—you rock. πŸ™‚ Think wearing both is the best option? Let me know in the comments!


~ by Elena Marie on April 19, 2011.

15 Responses to “The Engagement Shoot Poll: For April 22nd, 2011”

  1. Have fun with your engagement pictures! We never did any and I kind of wish we did now. Will your dog make an appearance in the photo shoot?

  2. I really can’t decide, so I think you should have an outfit change and do both!

  3. I vote for the strapless one!

  4. Although I think the polkadot one is a GREAT dress, I think the other one is more classic / timeless, and will stand up better 10 years down the road when you look back at these photos. Plus it looks awesome on you. πŸ™‚

  5. I think it depends on where you are having your pictures taken. In a park? Go for the Traced Twirls dress. More urban? Go for the skirt and polka dot blouse.

    I didn’t vote since I think your outfit choice depends on where you are going for photos. Either way, you’ll look great!

  6. Traced twirls all the way! It’s super ladylike and classy. The polkadot one is amazing, but looks a little bit too stiff for such an awesome occasion. Good luck with the weather!

  7. i adored that polka dot and red dress when you debuted it recently, but the other dress is so classic it seems like a better option for engagement photos. it somehow seems more romantic!

  8. How exciting! Like others have mentioned, I think the traced twirls is a more classic look, so it got my vote:) A lot of it depends on the location, what your Significant Other will be wearing, what vibe you want, etc. I do love the polka dot dress as well though! Tough decision. Good luck!

  9. Well, I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but I voted for twirls.

    Thanks for your comment on our goodbye post. I’ll be continuing my other blog. xo

  10. I voted for the traced swirls- I know how that dress twirls, so maybe you can play it up in some of the photos ! yay yay have fun tomorrow rain or shine!

  11. ps i love the yellow heels with your outfits- great pop of color!

  12. […] do think we can make indoor (+rainy?) photos rock as well. Thank you so much for all your feedback in the outfit poll! Very appreciated. I think location will definitely play a role in what I wear—-planning on […]

  13. I’m not totally familiar with what engagement photos entail, but don’t they typically involve multiple outfits? So you can probably get to wear both! But if I had to choose, even though I love the polka dots one, I think that the traced twirls would provide more options for using the dress (and it’s awesome lining) to the best advantage- and the length might be helpful for being able to do more poses more easily?>

  14. i love the romantic, easy feeling of the first look. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE FINAL PRODUCT!!!! πŸ˜€

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