Yellow Balloon: April 25th & 26th, 2011

Event: Work (4/26)

Outfit: Gingham shirt: JCrew Factory Store; Suit jacket: JCPenney; Cords: Gap Outlet; Boots: Diba; Necklace: H&M

C’mon. You know your day just got at least 8 degrees more cheerful.

That’s the power of a three-foot yellow balloon.

The aforementioned golden beast is currently attached to our foosball table, just waiting to be included in photos. Hey, gotta get maximum use out of this ball o’ fun. And I must get maximum use out of any sort of plaid/gingham/button-down + blingy necklace combination. It just rocks my socks. Also OBVIOUSLY rocking my socks is my grey cardigan. I know. I’m almost embarrassed to showcase how I often I wear it, but I’ll go for honesty. And add that I’ve worn it on unpictured occasions as well. Not wearing it today was some sort of small victory.

The end of the school-year is nearing, which means OH MY GOODNESS is there a lot to do by June 10th. So many meetings, so much paperwork. I’m trying to just take it one day at a time and not panic, though I must say that I need to start DOING more on each day to avoid the otherwise inevitable panic. Let’s round out the first year o’ employment on a good note, shall we?

So it’s time to write IEPs and stare at the rain. Looking forward to a Tuesday night in. Adam voted skipping trivia tonight to regroup, and I am 100% for that idea. Need to do paperwork & laundry, clean, work out, and hopefully enjoy some reading-for-fun time on the nook. Haven’t even checked out the nookcolor update yet and I suspect it is epic. Anyone enjoying it?

Happy Tuesday.

April 25th: Grey cardigan: Gap Outlet; Blue tee, flats, black cropped pants: Gap; Necklace: Forever 21


~ by Elena Marie on April 26, 2011.

One Response to “Yellow Balloon: April 25th & 26th, 2011”

  1. The end of the year is always nuts! You don’t get until June 10th?? I have 21 days left this year!!

    Love the plaid!!

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