Wedding Queries.

For those of you who have been in/attended/had weddings: 1) Did the couple pay for you to have your hair/makeup professionally done? If not, were options provided for you to pay yourself, etc?, 2) If you can remember at all—-how much (approximately) were your bridesmaid & bridal bouquets?

Just two random things giving me headaches this week. Would love to hear any and all personal experiences! Basically I want to pamper my bridesmaids, but with already having bought gifts and knowing what bouquets will potentially cost, the price of hair/makeup for 6 ladies (+2 moms) is kind of terrifying me. Also, I met with a florist this week and LOVED them, but suspect the prices are a bit ludicrous for a wedding that certainly does have a budget. Many thanks in advance for any help!

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~ by Elena Marie on April 27, 2011.

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  1. For both Cara and Jennifer’s weddings, the bride/bride’s family paid for hair, not make-up. HOWEVER, for Jennifer’s, Darcy, Jennifer’s sister in law, owned the boutique so they technically didn’t pay anything, I think. But for Cara’s, Cara and her family paid for it.

  2. For my sister’s wedding, we made appointments for all the girls at Clinique (either Bergner’s or Macy’s) to get their make up done and it was free but I think everyone was encouraged to buy the lipstick. I can’t remember hair – my mom paid for mine but she paid for lots of wedding stuff. For my friend’s wedding, her sister does hair so she got a friend to help her and the bride’s mom paid the friend for helping. We did our own make up (which is not as fun).

  3. Dangit. I just wrote a long reply, and it wouldn’t post.

    Anyway, for the hair, I’ve experienced a few different scenarios. For my wedding, my mom covered the tip for all the girls since the tips had to be paid in cash, and it was just easier that way. For all other weddings I’ve been in except one, I’ve paid for my hair. That seems to be pretty common. For the one where I didn’t pay, it was included in our BM gifts. We also received a brooch and an umbrella (which luckily, we didn’t have to use). I can think of a couple situations where one or two of the BMs did their own hair or got it down at their own salon. The only time I’ve gotten my makeup done professionally was for my own wedding.

    I found the estimate I got from Petals for our wedding. I can email you the whole thing if it would be useful, but my bridal bouquet was estimated to be $150, and the BM bouquets were $40.

  4. I’ve been in a slew of weddings and paid for my own hair almost every time. The one time the bride paid, we had it done at the Aveda Institute so that’s definitely something to look into. I’ve always done my own makeup and don’t really know of any couples that have covered that cost. I’d suggest finding a freelance artist who needs to bulk up their portfolio and would be willing to cut you a deal.

    good luck!

  5. Actually, I should say for one or two weddings I was in, the bride knew a hairdresser, so that person did all our hair either at the house or the church.

    And come to think of it, there were two weddings where I didn’t pay for hair.

    Soo….maybe six where I did pay for my own hair. Sorry, too much detail, but I guess either way is pretty common!

  6. When I got married everyone was on their own for hair and makeup. I gave them total freedom on how to wear their hair and makeup, and 2 of the three ladies had it done at a place, and one did it herself. Everyone looked gorgeous. As for the weddings I’ve been in, all but one wedding I was on my own for hair and makeup, and honestly that’s what I always expected. One wedding the bride had a hairdresser friend come to her house while we all got ready and she did our hair if we wanted. I think she charged between $15-$20, but again she was a friend of the bride. For six bridesmaids and two moms you’d be shelling out a LOT of money if you chose to foot the bill.
    As for bouquets, sorry I don’t remember the individual cost, but I remember the total bill was $1300 for all the flowers. This was low because we didn’t have an flowers at the church and very few at the reception. We got married the week after Christmas, and luckily the church and hall were decked out in Christmas trees, boughs, and white lights. Saved a ton of money that way. I think I saw your save-the-date as a week before Christmas, right? You might want to ask your venue if they will have their Xmas stuff up already, to save on decorating costs.

  7. For my sister’s wedding, the bridal party was all expected to pay for hair, but we went to a salon with a wedding party/group rate (Neroli in the Third Ward). I can’t attest to makeup, since I did everyone’s makeup for the ceremony 🙂 But my sister did cover all of the jewelry and gave a gift to everyone in the bridal party. Good luck!

  8. For the hair/makeup, I was in three weddings as bridesmaids, and one as the bride. In one wedding I was bridesmaid in, we all had our hair done by the bride’s mother’s dog groomer who donated his services as a gift (hilarious story to go along with this I assure you). Other than that, no hair or makeup; we all did our own, which was no problem. I did not do it for my wedding either; I should mention I did my own hair and makeup as well. If you are having it done, I suppose it might be nice to offer it (at least perhaps hair), though I personally prefer to do these things for myself as I know my taste, hair quirks, etc. I think it is by no means mandatory and no one would hold it against you if you didn’t.

    For bouquets I remember exactly as I am still geeky and have my expenses spreadsheet. My bouquet (which did feature lovely calla lilies) was $120 for a medium sized bouquet (I didn’t want a super huge one); bridesmaids were $75 each (I had 3 BMs), and the calla lily bouts for the men were $15. I also did pomanders for my 2 flower girls which were a bit pricey but they loved them.

    Good luck with the wedding planning—try to enjoy it.

  9. For my girls, they paid for their own hair, but I bought their eyeshadow and lip gloss. We had gotten make-up done at Clinique a few weeks before, so they all knew how to apply it, etc. When I was in my brother’s wedding, we paid for our own hair and manicures (which were optional) and my sister-in-law bought us make-up through Mary Kay. I’m in another wedding this weekend, and as far as I can tell, we’re paying for our own hair, but we don’t have to get anything done if we don’t want to. The bride and her sister are having their make-up done, but the rest of us are on our own.

    As for bouquets, I honestly don’t remember how much they cost. But we went with a pretty small florist in Rock Island, so I imagine prices wouldn’t compare anyway. 🙂

  10. For bouquets, mine costs $125, the BM bouquets will both be $85. Another quote I received was $100 for mine, $60 for the BM. I actually went for the more expensive florist as I liked her style better.

    I’ve only been in one wedding and my mom paid for my hair and nails since it was my brother’s wedding. For my wedding? I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ll probably pay for their makeup but let them take care of their hair. We are on a budget too, and while I’d love to do everything, I just can’t. I’m pretty sure that when my SIL got married each girl paid for her own hair and make up.

  11. I paid for my sister’s hair and she did her own make up.

    I originally talked to a florist, but when I saw the prices, I flipped. I ended up going to Kroger (our local grocery store) and bought 10 boutineers, 5 corsages, and 3 bouquets for $115. In addition, I purchased 2 hydrangea plants and 50 white roses for another $100. My flowers were GORGEOUS and everyone was FLOORED when I said I ordered them from a grocery store. My thing about spending a lot of money on flowers is that it’s a waste. They may be pretty, but they don’t last. I would rather put money to things that will last longer than a day.

  12. I have had my hair and make up paid for as a bridesmaid (once), had the option offered to me of either my hair or my make up being paid for (once), and had the option to either pay for my own or do it myself (twice). My own wedding was at the court house, but I had my hair and make up done professionally and paid for my sister’s hair as well. Bouquets were always paid for by the bride (or groom) or non-existent in the weddings in which I’ve been an attendant.

    I really think these kinds of things depend on your priorities. For example, professionally done hair and make up can look much nicer in the photos, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to demand it of your attendants unless you are willing to pay for it.

  13. […] for all your comments re: bridesmaid hair/makeup and bouquets. SO APPRECIATED. I haven’t decided what to do, but your comments did make me realize I think […]

  14. for my wedding: i had four bridesmaids and offered the option of hair + makeup (at our cost because it was late july in the hot, humid south and nobody wants sticky hair on their neck) but only my MOH did both and then one BM did makeup. everyone else did their own… honestly, i think a lot of girls would rather do their own (i usually do) but at the same time you don’t want to offer unless you’re prepared for the cost if everyone takes the offer.

    for weddings i’ve been in: i’ve done my own for all except one. it was a destination wedding and that was part of the treat for us. there were two stylists and they did all of the bridesmaids (7 of us) for something like $300. (rare deal, in my opinion, especially with 7 ‘dos and two stylists!) we could get makeup but most of us did our own. the other weddings we did our own but we got ready together (we were all good friends) so it was still as fun, in my opinion.

    as a hair stylist: there’s a lot i could say here but if you decide you want to offer that for your bridesmaids, i would maybe look into a salon that does a package deal kind of thing for wedding parties. my salon does this and we do snacks/bevs for the ladies and put them in their own area in the salon so they can easily be chatty and giddy together. the brides have the option to pay it all or the girls can pay for their own. most brides seem to leave makeup to the girls no matter what, though. but a hot tip for lower cost (i’m throwing ,yself into the fire here)… just book as separate formal styles/don’t even mention wedding. the girls will still get a style but without all the hoopla and cost of a formal “wedding” style.

  15. My bouquet was $195 and each bridesmaid bouquet was $85. We didn’t pay for the bridesmaid’s hair and make-up. My mom painted everyone’s nails the day before with a color I picked out. And we gave everyone the option to get their hair done at the same salon where I was getting my hair and make-up done. I think about half of the girls got theirs done (they paid) and half just did their own hair. (But everyone was welcome to hang out at the salon, where there provided brunch and mimosas.) We did get gift certificates for both of our moms as Mother’s Day gifts, so they did get their hair done.

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