Sunny Sunday.

Following a yummy dinner at the Ale House with Michael, we had a bunch of friends over last night for an evening of beer-drinking & Yoostar playing (awesome party game, if you’re looking for one!). We stayed up until 3:30, which is significantly past this old lady’s bed time. Normally I am not a Bloody Mary fan, but when I woke up this morning (yes, hungover) that’s ALL I was craving. Luckily, a few of us had already plotted to bruch it up at the delicious Trocadero around noon (outside! score!), and my fantasy became a reality (x2 + brie/tomato/basil sandwich & rosemary potatoes). After returning home we dashed back outside to witness a  MASSIVE May Day rally (parade of sorts, really) for immigrants’/workers’ rights right outside our building after seeing lots o’ police cars on our drive back and hearing something from our balcony (we never know these things are coming and wind up awesomely seeing them anyway—-case in point: President Obama driving right by our building!). And since then I’ve pretty much spent my afternoon napping with the freshly-bathed almost-birthday-girl Arwen/occasionally sipping coffee & listening to Adam play Halo.

Sunny Sundays, I like you. Please come back again soon, okay? All summer would be completely acceptable.

Hope you had an excellent end to the weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on May 1, 2011.

One Response to “Sunny Sunday.”

  1. Your brunch looks and sounds wonderful! Brunch is one of my favorite things. Cool shot of your sunny and cozy bed.

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