Quarter Century: May 19th, 2011

Event: Work (day)/Birthday dinner out with Adam (night)

Outfit: Denpasar skirt: Anthropologie; Citron tee: JCrew Factory Store; Arrow necklace: Stella & dot; Black flats: Gap; Black tank: Old Navy; Sequin necklace: Rethreads (Gap); Yellow heels: Urban Outfitters

Soooo apparently turning 25 makes you get very behind on your blogging.

But I have returned, and with many events to recap/photos to share. And, you know, I’ve been around for a whole quarter century now, so the amount of wisdom in each post is obviously going to skyrocket. WHAM.

My birthday had an excellent start—-a balloon and mountain of chocolates were waiting on my desk when I came in! My officemates are awesome. We planned next year’s curriculum/book choices all morning, I was treated to Panera for lunch, had a fairly easy afternoon. I got to leave at 2:30, principal-approved (birthday week perk!) and spent my extra minutes outside on our balcony reading Eating Animals and sipping a birthday beer. Arwen chilled with me. I turned my day look into an evening one, and Adam and I headed to Cafe Centraal for a decadent, delicious meal. He surprised me with the restaurant choice, and I very much approved! We got meatballs for an appetizer, and sweet potato fries with many dipping sauces with our sandwiches. The complimentary chocolate cake provided was incredibly rich and excellent. YUM. After dinner we took Arwen for a 2 mile walk along Lake Michigan and capped off the evening with an episode of Chuck (my fave!).

Throw in Demetri Martin tickets for next month (love him!) + his new book AND Bossypants and I was a happy lady. Adam also got me a nice digital watch so I could time my runs! Score.

As for the outfit, I think the “night” look is pretty much what my summer uniform will be. Skirts/tanks/dresses/statement necklaces. DONE. This was my only purchase at the big Anthropologie tag sale this week. I wasn’t too impressed with the mark downs, but this skirt’s fabric, pleats, and print won me over (especially with my birthday discount burning a hole in my pocket). It made me feel festive all day long.

More on last night’s birthday party soon, but for now…Happy Sunday! This new 25-year-old is off to read some more Tina Fey and get to sleep. šŸ™‚


~ by Elena Marie on May 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “Quarter Century: May 19th, 2011”

  1. Happy birthday!! You look so cute in those pictures where you’re opening the card. šŸ™‚ I also liked that you carried the yellow in the outfit from day to evening (love those shoes!!)

    Hope this year is a great one for you!!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! It looks and sounds wonderful. Love your outfit!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! šŸ™‚ Enjoy your last week of school!

  4. happy birthday again! cute bday outfit. i like your summer uniform plan. i love those yellow shoes.

  5. I am in love with that skirt! Sounds like you had such a wonderful birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! That skirt is a gorgeous find and self-birthday present!

  7. Happy (belated) birthday, Elena! You looked gorgeous! I love the skirt and shoes together!

  8. […] I predicted that outfits like this would pretty much be my summer uniform, and VOILA’: truth! I need some more tanks (current faves: here & here) to keep it going. The temperatures are finally summertastic here in Milwaukee, so it’s time to skirt/tank it up. Adam and I met with a DJ over lunch and were very happy with him. Hoping that’s an item we can check off the list! Tonight: food tasting at our reception hall (with my mom/sister, Adam’s mom/his sister Charlotte). And in the mail today? Adam’s kilt, all the way from Glasgow. Quite the wedding-oriented day. I’m also constantly stalking the status of our save-the-dates (currently printed & packaged). 5.5 months to go, people. […]

  9. […] and later declared it my half-birthday lunch. 25.5, folks. Feels crazy that this was my life a mere 6 months ago. CUE MORE […]

  10. […] 3 days old- 23; 22: lake house birthday;Ā 23: sister & friends;Ā 24: the day, the weekend;Ā 25: the day, the […]

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