Full-Skirted & Buttoned: May 24th, 2011

Event: Work, volunteer orientation, trivia

Outfit: Printed maxi dress: Gap; Shirt: The Limited; Sandals: Target; Belt: Forever 21; Bangles: H&M

This day was a bit of a comedy of errors. I spilled coffee approximately three times on myself (on my previously-donned white button-down) before realizing something was way off with my travel mug, left my lights on all day and thus had to have one of the teachers jump my car (this was embarrassing as this happened 2 weeks ago…the beeping that used to happen when my lights were on no longer works and I suddenly am an absentminded ridiculous person), and Adam & I realized that we CAN’T go see Demetri Martin as we have a wedding to attend that day (somehow confidently thought it was in July, not June). And, as an aside, this maxi dress is so short! Just ordered a new one from Gap after being completely brainwashed by Kendi’s gorgeousness and went for the tall version—once I found a 25% code I had to snatch it up. Tall sizes that aren’t XS/XL vanish way too quickly.

BUT the evening was pretty darn sweet. I signed up for orientation at a local literacy center awhile ago and got to go check it out last night. Definitely left on a complete I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS WILL BE AWESOME high. Who knows how great a tutor I’ll turn out to be, etc, but I think my background in speech/language/literacy makes it a pretty good fit! I just can’t decide if I want to get trained in basic adult reading or in ESL. Decisions, decisions. I get to go observe next week to narrow things down. The director of the center led our orientation and included some heartbreaking & inspiring stories alongside horrifying statistics. Realizing how often we use even our most basic literacy skills on a daily basis (like, oh wait, RIGHT NOW) bowls one over a bit when you also hear how many adults do not currently have those skills. In any case, very excited to get started!

Walked from orientation to trivia and enjoyed a nice night with friends. Can’t wait to have no commute this summer. Time to become a pedestrian city lady, if only for a couple of months!

P.S. More weekend updates are coming from the 5K and party. To take away a little suspense: I can still run! YESSS!

P.P.S. Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes and comments on Anna’s gift! I concur, she rocks.


~ by Elena Marie on May 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Full-Skirted & Buttoned: May 24th, 2011”

  1. I saw Anna’s gift in yesterday’s post — um, WOW. That is incredible,

    Annnnd, I think I have that dress! And if it’s same one, then I agree that it’s pretty short for a maxi dress. I got it last year and it skims the tops of my feet. Which sounds right, until you realize that I’m only 5’2″. Haha! I like the length on you, though — it shows off those awesome sandals! And I love how you wore it with a button-down shirt and belt!

    Too bad about not being able to see Demetri Martin, but I’m glad you at least had some good times yesterday!

  2. That’s awesome that you’re going to be a literacy volunteer. My mom is one of the heads of the program in my home city, and her stories about who she helps are absolutely amazing. When I’m no longer in school it’s definitely something I want to do as well. She loves to talk about how proud the adults are when they can read a book to their kids or learn to write their own names. I can’t wait to hear more about it! Also I totally love the pattern on the skirt, and the length on you, even though it’s a bit short.

  3. i like this outfit! volunteering sounds awesome. and power to the pedestrians! haha. so i went to trivia at Durty Nellie’s with my friend Sarah, from the library…. pretty sure we came in second to last (or last place) haha dunno how much i can contribute to your team, but i definitely want to join 🙂

  4. That skirt is extremely pretty!!

    Monique xx


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