5K in 29:08

I decided awhile ago to register for a local 5k, liking that it was two days after my 25th birthday. My 23rd year was all about finally getting myself into decent shape, and the start of 24 wasn’t too bad either. As I’ve said, it’s not as though I’ve ever STOPPED working out or completely lost my consistency since getting started on the right path…but the quality just has not been there recently, and the pounds have been slowly creeping back on. I needed something to work toward, not having run a race in over a year…ENTER: BAYVIEW FOX RUN 5K.

While I was certainly hoping for sub-10 minute miles, I wasn’t overly concerned about my race time. When I hear friends nostalgically talk about the “6 minute mile” they ran in 7th grade, etc…I can’t relate even a little bit. I have clear, miserable memories of huffing and puffing (and walking) my way through a 12ish minute mile in gym whenever it was required. Not a good time. The fact that I can now run MULTIPLE miles, multiple time s a week, with a 9:30ish pace? No complaints here. I was really happy that this time wound up being right around my previous 5K’s (November 2009, 29:03).

It was just a beautiful run—all along Lake Michigan, all in completely unfamiliar territory for me (which I think can be fun–I had no idea what would be around the bend). My parents, Adam, Anna, & Arwen all came to support me, which was a very nice birthday-brunch-prelude. After I had chugged a couple mini bottles of water and given Adam a nice sweaty embrace (muahaha), we all headed to Trocadero for a very decadent brunch. Perfect way to kick off a celebratory day!

Are you a fan of races? Passionate about running (or, like me, is it more to stay in shape/keep the pounds at bay)?

Shout-out to Kyla’s “Sweaty Wednesday” feature—always inspires me!

Previous runs: First 5k, Second 5k, 6K Global Run for Water, Beer Run.


~ by Elena Marie on May 26, 2011.

One Response to “5K in 29:08”

  1. I really like the photo of your mom and dad on the bridge. SO adorable!

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