MKE Sister Date: May 29th, 2011

Event: Sister date—east side o’ Milwaukee

Outfit: Maxi dress: Gap; Belt: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: Target; Bag: H&M; Headband: LOFT outlet;  Arrow necklace: Stella & dot; Suit jacket: JCPenney

Check out that Lara Miller dress!

The day after our parents moved Anna into her (amazing) dorm, I picked her up (in an unplanned, coordinating outfit no less) for a little sister date out on the town. We had a late lunch at Comet Cafe (ah, heaven) & caught a matinee of Incendies at the Oriental, my absolute favorite movie theatre. The movie was indescribably depressing, but certainly GOOD. I just would never want to experience it again (if Katie is reading this, pretty much a House of Sand and Fog equivalent). When I got home I put on a double feature of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Wedding Crashers to recover.

Anywho—certainly hoping for more days like this while my little sis lives here! I think I may finally buy my own bike (I’ve been borrowing my parents’ as needed for the past decade and a half). Any tips? I need it more just to get from point A to B (probably not for serious cycling) and am debating an adorable cruiser of sorts. Open to any tips! Can’t remember the last time I rode a woman’s bike (my dad’s mountain bike has always been my ride o’ choice..). As of now the library and Anna’s dorm are at the top of the list o’ desirable locations (aka 2-3 miles away…farther than I’d like to walk in 90 degree heat, annoying to drive to when you, er, hate to drive).

Whether by car, bike, or foot—here’s to more fun Sunday afternoons. A bunch of us (including Anna) went to see Midnight in Paris at the Oriental yesterday—much more what I was in the mood for. Highly recommend! Owen Wilson rocks it.

While we were out and about, Adam was in Chicagoland shooting a wedding. Check out that handsome photographer!



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  1. yayayayyayaay i love my sister. you.

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