Double Date: June 3rd, 2011

Event: Double date dinner at Kil@Wat (Downtown Dining)

Outfit: Dress: Pitaya (2007); Tank & bracelets: Old Navy; Sandals: Target; Bag: Simply Vera (c/o Mom)

Hi, Big Hair! You are the result of trying to squeeze in a speedy shower/blow-dry after a gorgeous run along the lake. I’ll forgive the frizz.

On Friday we joined our married friends Mindy  (who works with Adam) & Andrew for a delicious meal at Kil@Wat, which is the restaurant inside the Intercontinental. Well, we first took a tour of their sweet duplex, which—-as they are foodies—left us very kitchen-envious! Though we had a reservation, we waited a solid 20 minutes at Kil@Wat before being seated (luckily the drinks were decent). It felt well worth it when the food was served—YUM! Adam and I shared bacon wrapped dates & queso de chiva to start and I went with a yummy pasta for the main course. Desserts—-cheesecake and an ice cream sandwich—were split down the middle. All paired with a bottle o’ white wine. Perfect start to a summery weekend.

I am a huge fan of the double date, especially when they’re with people in different fields, from different areas, etc. I learned more about local politics and stats than I really ever have (which is my own fault). While I’ve always been aware of this, this dinner certainly reminded me that I live in a bubble here. I love OUR part of Milwaukee and OOOH THE LAKE IS SO PRETTY, but WOW is the city suffering. Hearing how MKE is doing with racism, high-school dropouts rates and violence was a bit of a wake-up call. Sigh. I’m so excited to get volunteerin’, but I also continue to be intimidated by the idea of working in Milwaukee Public Schools (which makes me feel awful).

Anywho. On that note I’m off to turn some green beans into something yummy while Adam mans the grill. 2.5 more work days until summer!


~ by Elena Marie on June 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Double Date: June 3rd, 2011”

  1. Love the detailing on the waist of that dress!! Sounds like a fun evening!

  2. Oh, God bless you for volunteering at MPS. And may the force be with you. Unfortunately, I work in a field that deals w/ many of the critical issues faced in Milwaukee. It’s quite depressing, but we all do our best to make this city better and safer. MPS is a mess. Anyone willing to help make a difference in the system gets a huge standing ovation from me 🙂

    • (Leaving a comment on your blog—but I’m actually volunteering at the Literacy center. I just feel bad for not seeking employment at MPS) 🙂 But I very much concur—-MPS needs help.

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