The Interview: June 9th, 2011

Event: Group interview at Anthropologie

Outfit: Striped tee & flats: Gap; Denpasar skirt: Anthropologie; Necklace: Rethreads (Gap); Bag: Simply Vera (c/o Mom)


I had a group interview at Anthropologie yesterday…and got a call today asking me to come to a second interview!

WOOT WOOT. So…who knows how it will turn out, but at least it’s off to a positive start! The interview was really just a fun experience. In spite of having zero retail experience, I felt like I did a decent job holding my own and expressing how much I love the brand. I would be so excited if it works out—all the employees seem genuinely excited about working there, which would be an excellent environment, especially for the summer. I want to have funnnnn this summer, whilst working or not.

It was just pretty rockin’ to hear a bit more about the inner workings of the store. Lovin’ it. Thanks for any words of luck and outfit advice–they were very appreciated! I had about 20 minutes to get ready after work, so luckily had put an outfit together ahead of time.

And now it’s time to finish up What Not to Wear and hit the gym…BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER! 😀


~ by Elena Marie on June 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Interview: June 9th, 2011”

  1. WAHOO! Good luck (even though I’m confident you’ll be a rock star)!

  2. woot woot! i hope you get it! then you can share your discount with blog friends, right?! (kidding!) 😉

  3. Congratulations!!! I know you’ll ace the 2nd interview!
    The staff really do seem to love their jobs there. My fav associate is Emily. She’s just the nicest person. I hope you get it!!

  4. Good luck! The idea of working at a place where I’m surrounded by clothes I love and pretty things is kinda awesome. Makes me wish I had a summer to take a summer job for!

  5. Ooh a second interview seems promising. Good luck! I’ll have to stop in and buy something from you if/when you get the job. And I love the outfit you picked for your group interview–great pattern mixing.

  6. I love the look! I hope you get the job!

  7. yay congrats!! love the pattern mixing in this outfit very anthro whimsy

  8. Congrats on the second interview! Love the stripes with that neat skirt!

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