Summer Goals.

1) Break a sweat every day. Some days this might mean a classic trip to the gym/run outside, other times it might mean a long walk with Arwen or a Jillian Michaels DVD. Either way: stay active, self! So far, so good.

2) Read. No specific guidelines; just read for fun. I’ve already checked out about a zillion books—time to make use of the balcony and mark ’em on the list.

3) Have 1 item on the agenda every day. Also pretty general. But if I’m going to have a lot of free time, I at least need one schedled thing every day. Don’t want to get burnt out on summer early on. Example—today’s item: walk to Cathedral Square and check out Food Truck Friday.

4) Wedding plan. There’s a big list for this, but overall: have most everything major checked off before starting work again in August. Want to enjoy any DIY projects, and doing so on top of work won’t be a great fit for me.

5) Mission: Homemaker. Okay, not really. But Adam and I are both messy people, and with the extra time I have I’d like to at least keep things looking decent. I love our little home, so it’s time to truly commit to it looking (more than) presentable! Let’s throw cooking on a daily basis in there, too.


~ by Elena Marie on June 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Summer Goals.”

  1. I really need to go check out Food Truck Friday one of these weeks. Maybe next Friday.

    The first picture makes me dizzy. Haha.

  2. Good goals mama! I’m with you on the whole scheduling a daily activity. I kind of LOVE being a lazy bum/homemaker because I kind of rock at cooking and cleaning =P It gets sad and lonely being indoors too much though, sometimes even just taking out the trash and walking to get the mail will get my spirits up if I’ve been inside too long. I’m also trying to read more. Now that I’m not a college student and I’ve had a break from all of that required reading it’s fun again. I need to have the get sweaty every day goal. Since we’ve been back from Hawaii I’ve completely lost motivation. I know if I get back into it I’ll be hooked again, but for right now it’s nice to be able to have cute hair for two days in a row because it didn’t get completely soaked in sweat at the gym!

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