A June Wedding: June 18th, 2011

Event: Brett & Rebeca’s Wedding!

Outfit: Silk dress: BCBG Outlet; Yellow heels & stud earrings: Urban Outfitters; Arrow necklace: Stella & Dot; Purse: H&M

I nabbed this dress at the BCBG Outlet last week, very much with summer weddings in mind! I don’t feel like you can quite see all the crazy details here, but it’s a lot like this jersey dress, except is silk with a much more asymmetrical hemline. It just felt flowy yet fitted, fashion-forward yet appropriate. They rip the tags off there as everything is final sale, but it was something like $250 marked down to $82. Not bad. Still have to bust out my $29 find from there!

Rebeca and Brett’s wedding was lovely. The outdoor, river-side ceremony was beautiful and touching, the reception was a lot of fun. Good food, drink, & band. We’re now seriously considering a wine-blending ceremony in lieu of any sort of unity candle (genius, folks). Their reception venue? Oh, it’s definitely our ceremony venue. Such a small world! Adam knows Brett from traveling abroad together in college, and they don’t get to talk too frequently anymore. Thus, we had no idea we booked the same place! So, it worked out that—almost exactly 6 months before we tie the knot—we got to dine/dance with a great view of THE SPOT where we will wed. Pretty exciting.  Also exciting? Being able to just take a cab to/from the event. As we’re both Illinoisans, this was our first MKE wedding! The bride and groom are moving back to Milwaukee after a year in Seattle and we’re very much looking forward to it.

This is the first year where weddings are popping up on our calendar with a pretty high frequency (mostly Adam’s friends/family). We have three more this year. I suspect in 2013 or so our summers will be BOOKED. Next up are our friends Deena & Jared, who are wedding/celebrating at a delicious tapas restaurant. CAN’T. WAIT. Am also eager to attend the bridal shower/bachelorette party as I have very little experience with both. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I never thought I’d be a young bride. Perfect timing as it is for me, there’s so much uncharted territory!

On that note, time to go put some more work into our save-the-dates. Almost ready to be printed—hopefully! We’re designing all paper goods ourselves, which has been both fun and surprisingly stressful (for me; Adam finds my stress a bit crazy). Eager to get them sent and checked off the list!



~ by Elena Marie on June 19, 2011.

5 Responses to “A June Wedding: June 18th, 2011”

  1. Beautiful dress! It’s perfect for a summer wedding.

    The outdoor wedding location looks so nice. Great choice! We have been working on our save the dates this weekend too. I know what you mean about stress:) I just want to get stuff done and Ben’s response is usually something like, “don’t worry about it, it will get done at some point”. Tell me more about the wine blending. Sounds like a cool idea.

  2. What a pretty wedding venue! The reception area looks a little similar to ours with the rocks and what not on the fireplace, so pretty. Last year our Summer was FULL of weddings, I think we went to at least 5. We only have one this Summer but now we have 3 friends with babies on the way. I guess this means we’re getting old, huh? 😉

  3. OMG the bridesmaids are too cute with their sunglasses! You and Adam looked great! Perfect outfits for a spring wedding =)

  4. Love your dress!

  5. […] was planning on wearing another, very colorful dress, but after putting it on I realized part of the hem had come undone. Boooo. So this dress became my […]

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