Brewers vs. Rays: June 20th, 2011

Event: Brewer’s game, VIP style

Outfit: Printed blue dress & sandals: Target; Gingham shirt: JCrew Factory Store; Scarf: Forever 21

Today Adam’s division got the last minute notice that they had the company suite for tonight’s Brewers game. I gushed about the same things last year when we had the chance to go to a game, but it’s a very awesome way to see a baseball game. This girl? Not a sports fan. A fan of free grilled foods, beer, and cookies? YES. YES, I AM. Sooo much food.

Being a new Milwaukeean (and, again, not a sports fan), there’s no Brewers apparel in my wardrobe, so this was my take on blue & gold game-wear. I must say, very grateful I bought this gingham shirt. It feels like the right choice in lots o’ outfits.

A fun, unexpected night at the ballpark with my guy. 🙂 Now it’s time to finish watching Amsale Girls (new love) and get ready for bed. Hope your week’s off to an excellent start!


~ by Elena Marie on June 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “Brewers vs. Rays: June 20th, 2011”

  1. Fun!! I’m so not a sports fan either but one time we got VIP to Bucks game and between the food service and people watching, it was a good time!!

  2. Ah… the best way to watch a baseball game! And I love New Glarus brew!

  3. Love your outfit! So chic for a baseball game!

  4. The best part about going to any sporting event is definitely the ballpark food and beer! LOVE! And I love how you showed some fan pride without being decked out in team apparel — it works!

  5. Love a good sausage race. So much fun to sit in the suites to watch the game with the free foood and drink. Love the gingham!!

  6. Whoa awesome game food! Gotta love free!! =)

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