4th Scottish Fest: June 18th, 2011

Event: Highland Games– Itasca, IL

Outfit: Black tank: Old Navy; Shifting buttons skirt: Anthropologie; Thistle pin: Gift from Adam (Scotland); Belt: Forever 21

This is backtracking a bit, but last Saturday we made it to the 25th Annual Highland Games in Itasca, IL. It was our 4th year enjoying the festivities. Because of the Milwaukee wedding we had at night, we literally were at the festival for less than an hour. It was a completely silly financial decision to pay the entrance fee, but we just couldn’t miss a year. It’s one of those events that has become a part of our relationship, a yearly milestone. We had time to watch the very talented “dogs of Scotland” rock a complicated course, enjoy a Scottish beer, watch some rugby, check out all the pipers & kilts, and stare longingly at the Whisky Tasting tent (which Adam certainly looks forward to each year—-so do I). We tossed around the idea of making next year’s festival an EVENT. Perhaps a 6 month anniversary mini-getaway. I’m loving the idea.

I felt especially sentimental this year, walking hand-in-hand with my Scotsman. Last year he was asking vendors about kilt rentals for weddings, about how to hire a bagpiper. When people asked when the wedding was, he just said “Oh, nothing planned yet. Just doing research” I think that was one of the first times where I thought “Hmmm. Maybe this whole marriage thing isn’t so far off for us.” I felt especially loved, happy in our relationship. And then 4 months later he proposed in Dublin. So this year we went all enfianced.

Life’s good, folks. The wedding to-do list might be overwhelming me a smidgen at the moment, but…it’ll all be good. And I’ll marry my kilt-wearing guy in less than 6 months. Hopefully with a bagpiper in there somewhere.

P.S. I thought ahead when packing and decided to don my “engagement skirt” and a pin Adam got me in Scotland. Festival ready!


~ by Elena Marie on June 23, 2011.

5 Responses to “4th Scottish Fest: June 18th, 2011”

  1. That is seriously the cutest stinkin’ story I’ve ever read. I just went all “AWWWWWW” hearing about how he was asking around about wedding kilts and bagpipe players. SO ADORABLE!!

  2. love the look back at every year…you guys look so happy together!

  3. Your engagement ring is so delicate! =)

  4. Such a cute story! I love the pics from all the years! And your engagement ring is gorgeous!!

  5. […] Makes me think of our trip to Scotland, his amazing Glasgow-based relatives, (wedding) kilts, Scottish Fest, Scottish baby names imagined, celebrating his birthday a week before he decided to end our life […]

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