Thainamite: June 23rd, 2011

Event: Sister date with Anna

Outfit: Striped tee/rose pin: H&M; Black pleated skirt: Banana Republic; Sandals: Target

Before I get to tonight’s excellent sister date, just wanted to thank everyone who chimed in on the “name change” post. I loved reading every response and hearing why you’d choose one path or the other. I know I feel confident and excited about my decision, and it’s great to hear the same from women who did and did not change their names! Issues like this seem to really divide women at times (or bring out downright divisive/hostile responses), and I was really happy to see that this was avoided. Thanks much, awesome readers. Love when this blog can serve as a little forum. 🙂

So, yes. Back to this evening. I picked up Anna and we went to Thainamite, a DELICIOUS restaurant on Brady Street. We each went for a different curry and were very content. YUM. I’ve been struggling to find a great Thai place within the city limits, so this was quite a victorious evening. We followed this up with a beer at Nomad and a rainy walk in which we failed to score gelato. Boo. Then we hung out at her dorm (which is actually pretty darn awesome). It’s really nice having my little sister 10 minutes away, especially during a) a summer in which I have quite a bit of free time and b) a time where I’m going to need my maid of honor’s assistance. Well, and our dates pretty much always rock, regardless o’ agenda. SISTER WIN.

Time to join the fiance’ and pupster and get some sleep. Happy Friday!

Arwen steals my spot the minute I get up. It never fails to be adorable.


~ by Elena Marie on June 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thainamite: June 23rd, 2011”

  1. Love when you wear flower pins! 🙂

    You’re reading Second Helpings? Have you read it before? The whole series is pretty good!

    • Replying over on your blog, too, but YES! Love the series. Re-reading so I can get to number 5 for the first time. 🙂

  2. It is so great that your sisyer and you are so close and she is in milwaukee for the summer. Love the addition of the red flower…so summery!

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