Bride-to-Be Runs Errands: June 29th, 2011

Event: Meeting a DJ, grocery shoppin’, food tasting

Outfit: Black tank: Old Navy; Denpasar skirt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Target; Necklaces: Flea market, stella&dot

So, I’m pretty excited about this necklace. I nabbed it at Sunday’s flea market for a whoppin’ $2.50. IT ACTUALLY ZIPS. Finally have something to layer with my beloved stella & dot arrow!

I predicted that outfits like this would pretty much be my summer uniform, and VOILA’: truth! I need some more tanks (current faves: here & here) to keep it going. The temperatures are finally summertastic here in Milwaukee, so it’s time to skirt/tank it up. Adam and I met with a DJ over lunch and were very happy with him. Hoping that’s an item we can check off the list! Tonight: food tasting at our reception hall (with my mom/sister, Adam’s mom/his sister Charlotte). And in the mail today? Adam’s kilt, all the way from Glasgow. Quite the wedding-oriented day. I’m also constantly stalking the status of our save-the-dates (currently printed & packaged). 5.5 months to go, people.

Off to clean up a bit and read on the balcony. The start of Summerfest today means our neighborhood is busssssy. No worries, we have sweet VIP passes for our cars to get through the barricades (so we can go park in our garage). BOOYEAH. I didn’t go to Summerfest at all last year (was still living in IL), so I CAN’T WAIT to walk right over and enjoy it this year. Let the fireworks and fun begin!


~ by Elena Marie on June 29, 2011.

8 Responses to “Bride-to-Be Runs Errands: June 29th, 2011”

  1. dang, girl. i always see your “heading to the gym” tweets – definitely paying off! look at those collar bones poppin! 🙂 (disclaimer, you always look fantastic – just looking quite toned!)

  2. I lust that zipper necklace…!!! Have fun braving the summerfest crazies!

  3. Okay your necklaces are pretty amazing – love the layering of both. I can’t believe your wedding is coming together. Seems like yesterday you got engaged….

  4. I got so excited when I saw your necklace, I have the same one –

    Mine was also from a flea market, and it zips too. That’s so crazy.

  5. What an awesome necklace (and awesome deal too)! Good luck with all of the wedding planning:)

  6. How fun! The wedding planning part is so cool, it’s good you’re in control of it all! Love that little zipper necklace.

  7. […] now! Donned it along with my summer school outfit today, too. And, yes, this outfit is pretty much this one. The summer uniform rages […]

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