The Fourth: July 4th, 2011

Event: Hosting a cook-out + off to the fireworks

Outfit: Camber dress: Anthropologie; Blue dress & red rose pin: H&M; White flower pin: Taken from Gap tank; Belt: Forever 21; Sandals & headband: Target

So, the two photos above show what I wanted to wear for all our 4th of July celebrating…

…But then a (somehow open) bottle of olive oil tumbled out of our cabinet and drenched the entire front of my dress. Whoops. No worries—bread & olive oil obviously always worth it. So I went to plan B, just swapping blue dresses.

Our friend Danielle awesomely stayed with us for the 4th and all day today. She used to live in our building, but has now been out in Virginia for work for the past 6 months. This was the second time she’s made it back to MKE. While we very, very much enjoy seeing her—-the luckiest resident might just be Arwen. Danielle loves her so much and the feeling is sooo mutual.  Danielle made it into town a couple of hours before our holiday cook-out commenced. Adam grilled brats & onions and friends brought beer/sides. Mindy, known to be an awesome baker, brought delicious strawberry shortcake and patriotic red velvet cupcakes.

We drove to a nearby park to enjoy MORE fireworks (our third time seeing them this week). Perk of having no work the next day? Being able to stay up past 2am chatting with Danielle. Photos at the end of the post are from the 3rd, date of Milwaukee’s over-the-top hour-long fireworks show, which we were able to see from our rooftop. Hey, fireworks without needing to reserve a spot or leave my building? Huge win in my book, especially with my guy.

Hope you enjoyed good food and fireworks 🙂 I just enjoyed a leftover red velvet cupcake and am pretty much in heaven…



~ by Elena Marie on July 5, 2011.

One Response to “The Fourth: July 4th, 2011”

  1. Bummer about the olive oil! I hope it doesn’t stain the dress, but if it does, you are right, olive oil and bread are worth it. I love the flower pins!

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