Summerfest (II & III).

Our first night at Summerfest wound up being more about cheese curds & the Sky Glide than Maroon 5, but Wednesday’s triple-header of  Cage the Elephant, Florence & the Machine, and The Black Keys was an AWESOME experience. Honestly? I’m not a huge concert or music person (I know; I’m weird), but I LOVED this show. Every group had such energy and gave an incredible performance. Florence’s voice is even more powerful live! Adam, Michael, and I went to Chili Lili’s beforehand to fuel up for the big event and met Anna there. It was just so nice going to a show with assigned seats ha. Must do this at least once every year; such a relatively relaxed way to experience Summerfest. Tonight I went to watch Adam play volleyball at the beach (did some watching, some reading of Hunger Games whilst chillin’ on Alex’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles towel) for a few hours and then a bunch of us trekked back to Summerfest to catch Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and a litle bit of G.Love (cheese curds may have made an appearance again as well). It was worth it just to hear a very long version of “Home”, see friends, and meet new people.

If you don’t live three blocks from Summerfest, well, I personally wouldn’t go more than once a year ha (just looking at the traffic made me feel claustrophobic). So, obviously, you should just move here. 😉 I probably say it too often, but I love living here. At 25-years-old I doubt we’re settling down in any one place soon, which is both exciting and a smidgen sad, only because I’m so in love with our first little home together. You’re so sneaky, Milwaukee. You’ve made this Illinoisan love many things over the border.


~ by Elena Marie on July 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “Summerfest (II & III).”

  1. Sounds like a great time! I haven’t made it down there and doubt I will this year. Sad 😦

  2. I hear ya on the parking, it’s madness down there (We take the Vespa down and park in motorcycle parking). If you live in the city, a Vespa is like man’s best friend. Love it.

    How the summerfest noise and traffic in your neighborhood? Tolerable?

    • Oooh! A Vespa does sound perfect. The noise isn’t bad at all (can enjoy the faint sounds of Summerfest with the windows open/outside, but somehow our apt. complex seems to block out all obnoxious sounds ha), but the traffic could definitely be a pain. I have admittedly been pretty much avoiding driving, especially at night—which luckily is possible right now.

  3. It sounds like a fantastic time! Parking at these kinds of things is always such a nightmare. It’s lucky you’re strategically placed. 🙂

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