Mad About Plaid: July 14th, 2011

Event: Tutoring, errands, sunnin’

Outfit: Tank & shorts: Old Navy; Sandals: Target; Cardigan: Gap Outlet; Zipper necklace: Flea Market

(I’m shocked this has never been the title of a post. I’m all about a good rhyme)

During my Groupon-fueled shopping trip I also walked out with these crazy shorts and this navy tank. Adam bought some plaid shorts from Target a couple of weeks ago and I figured I had better catch up. 😉 They were perfect for the walk to the tutoring center (River Walk for the win!)  and a day of errands/relaxing. We’re plant-sitting while Pierre and Ginessa go to France for 2 weeks (lucky, lucky amis), so our balcony is now covered with potted flowers & herbs (basil/cilantro—score!) and I had a buddy to read/sun with for the afternoon as Ginessa dropped ’em off. Today’s read? Room by Emma Donaghue—highly recommend! If you’re curious, you can track my 2011 reads here.

On the agenda for tonight? Storm the Bastille, a 5k to open Bastille Days! I haven’t been running more than 2 miles all that regularly lately, so it’ll be a SLOW one, but it’s considered a “fun run” and I think it’ll be interesting (and I’m excited for a run that actually goes through downtown/my neighborhood!). Plus…Adam agreed to do it with me! Yay!

Have an excellent rest of your Thursday. And maybe avoid eating a million snickerdoodle/heath cookies (I have not been so lucky).



~ by Elena Marie on July 14, 2011.

One Response to “Mad About Plaid: July 14th, 2011”

  1. I’m running, too! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks and it seems like we’ve hit a lot of the same events. I love reading your take on the city. Good luck!

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