Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Headed over to Anthropologie today for the first time since not getting the summer job. Not getting the job hasn’t been rubbing me the wrong way, but never receiving the promised acceptance/rejection letter admittedly did. In any case, today got me over it. I went in to specifically try on the Dynamic Zigs dress (and was hoping to spot the Reflecting Pool dress—no dice) and chatted a little with the employee who conducted my two interviews (who still seems awesome). Went home with the Dyanamic Zigs dress and added several items to the sale-wishlist!

1. Verdant Slip Dress, $138

This was a size 8, fits true to size. I’ve been lusting after this dress for awhile, and might love this blue motif even more than the green! I would check it out at sale time with the appropriate undergarments in hand—couldn’t decide if this looked quite as great on me as I had hoped. Silk felt lovely and I loved the neckline.

2. Sugared Dress, $198

Have been wanting to try this one on for awhile, especially after seeing Kim rock it! The store only had a size 10, which was a bit big, so I’d guess the 8 would fit correctly. Loving the belt that comes with a dress is rare for me, but this one made the cut! So ladylike and gorgeous (and could definitely be work appropriate).  Wishlisted!

3. Sunrise Shirt Dress, now $50

You know, if it hadn’t been bout 100 degrees outside today, this dress and its pricetag might’ve been more tempting. The built-in slip helps any sheer issues. Could be fun in fall/spring. This was a size 8, and was straining a bit at the bust. I’d size up to a 10. If I wasn’t trying to keep a slightly closer eye on my budget…might’ve made it home with me.

4. Collecting Dots Dress, $198

A little blousier on top than I’d usually go for, but I rather liked the effect. Size M, true to size. Lined so that sheerness wasn’t much of an issue. Could see it as a great day-to-night frock!

5. Gull Wing Dress, now $100

Would’ve taken this one home, too (ugh! too positive a shopping trip!). Could definitely see it at a summer wedding we have in a few weeks, bridal showers, date nights, etc. But…2 dresses was more than I was planning on today and I set it aside. All the color combos are pretty, but this was my favorite! This is a size 8, true to size. The ties at the neck make sizing a bit more flexible—can decide how low you want the neckline, etc.

So…I pretty much liked everything I tried on today. Had even more in the dressing room, but as I stopped in on my way to the grocery store the meter expired and it was time to check out. RATS. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. 😉


~ by Elena Marie on July 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. I tried on that white number for our engagement pics and it looked like a bag on me. Also, I pulled a nifty little trick and created a wish-list of household items and named it “wedding registry” and listed it as one of our registries on our wedding website! If this works, I’ll be getting Anthro measuring cups and spoons and sheets and pillows! Try it try it!

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