Hey There, Willoughby.

I realize I may be one of the last in the style bloggin’ universe to type this, but—-after 2 home try-on kits and some help from customer service—-my Willoughbys awesomely arrived from Warby Parker. Today has been that awkward these-new-glasses-feel-different-are-they-okay(?) stage, but I’m feeling pretty confident about them (historically I’ve needed a bit of a transition period). I have a pretty hefty prescription, so ordering online made me a bit nervous, but I’m so glad it turned out so well! And am giddy about allowing someone else to get a pair of glasses (boo yeah! Considering I’ve yet to nab a pair of TOMS I like before they’ve sold out, this made me very happy). The transition from wearing contacts at all times to wearing glasses 90% of the time (thanks, chronic dry-eye) was originally pretty rough, so it’s very exciting when I find a pair I dig and I feel suit my style.

And, hey, I loved the Pierces, too…so my next pair might just be lined up!


~ by Elena Marie on July 21, 2011.

16 Responses to “Hey There, Willoughby.”

  1. i was super nervous about ordering online, too! but for reals, its such a great deal, especially when you know its doing some good, too! they look AWESOME on you!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Love, love, love these glasses on you!

    This brings up the question, “Will you wear glasses or contacts on your wedding day?”

    I’m struggling with that decision–my eyes tend to hurt a bit after wearing contacts, so it seems silly to do so, but I also look more “formal” without my glasses. CONUNDRUM.

    • Thank you! πŸ˜€ I’m definitely wearing contacts, just because I can’t get over feeling, well, prettier (& more formal) without glasses (I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but I do). I’ve seen brides rock the glasses, but I’m going to hope for the best with contacts (I pretty much always wear them to other peoples’ weddings ha, so should be okay!). Good luck deciding!

  3. Good choice! They look great on you – very flattering.

  4. Very very nice. Just the right mix of nerdy-chic (which, as we all know, is the new black :)).

    As for dry eyes with contacts. Try slipping a vial of artificial tears or maybe bepanthene eye drops (with soothing dexpantenol, works magic) in your purse. I actually found that my eyes don’t feel that dry when I have the drops with me, whether I actually use them or not. Which is kind of crazy, I know.
    Anyway, with a little practice you should be able to refresh your eyes in a sec without screwing up your make up. And thus look even better on the big day.

    • Thanks, Arsenia! Drops definitely do help (I’m pretty dependent on them). I’ve been on prescription & non prescription drops for about 5 years now, and haven’t been able to get back to 100%, but at least I can tolerate contacts for a bit again!

  5. The new glasses are way cool! I’m glad that the ordering online gamble seems to have paid off. I will probably get another pair of glasses this year even if my prescription doesn’t change because I have been wearing my glasses about 75% of the time since last summer.

    • Thanks! I definitely recommend them—communicated with me to make sure they had all the necessary info before fulfilling my order (apparently my doctor didn’t have my pupillary distance on file).

  6. Those glasses look awesome! I’ve never needed/worn glasses, but my brother did, and as a child I was so jealous of when he got to go to the store and try on all the different frames. The selection process seemed like fun to me.

    • Thanks! My sister has 20/20 vision (only one in our family ha) and I believe feels the same way. I do dig the selection process (but ohhh how I’d love Lasik ha). πŸ™‚

  7. Super cute! Just an fyi from one dry-eyed friend to another- I switched from Acuvue Oasys to Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2 and I LOVE them. I sometimes only wear them for about 8 hours, but other days I make it 12 and am perfectly comfortable. I recommend trying a trial pair on the next trip to the dr. πŸ™‚

    I’m defiantly in need of some new glasses too- I’ll be following your lead to check out some new specs!

  8. Those specs look great on you…they fit your face perfectly!!

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