Comical & Bridal: July 22nd & 24th, 2011

Event: Comedy show/night out (Friday), bridal shower (Sunday)

Outfit: Dynamic Zigs dress: Anthropologie; Yellow heels: Urban Outfitters; Belt: CAbi (from Mom); Earrings: Fred Boutique; Cuff: Old Navy

For Sunday’s shower I nixed the belt, switched to a different cuff, and added a pin…but, yep, pretty much double-dipped on the outfit front this weekend. That’s how I tend to roll when something new joins my closet!

Friday night was fun AND funny; took in our first show at the local comedy club. All three comedians were great! I even embraced some audience participation with the final act…I had to know who the comedian’s favorite Ninja Turtle was. There was a 2 drink minimum, so by the time we went out after the show we were all finding EVERYTHING hilarious ;). I even got Anna to come meet us as we were actually on her side of town for once.

Sunday held Adam’s cousin’s bridal shower, so I journeyed to the suburbs for a lovely afternoon. It was a beautiful shower—pretty much like a second wedding to me (aka beautiful centerpieces, pretty paper goods, delicious food). Donna, Adam’s cousin’s fiancee’, looked amazing—completely was envying her gorgeous lace dress! Now have some more registry inspiration…and feel a desperate need to find a gorgeous white/ivory dress for my own shower.

Random puppy/shower photos from the two days can be found below. Hey—Arwen & food—-2 subjects I cannot resist.


~ by Elena Marie on July 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Comical & Bridal: July 22nd & 24th, 2011”

  1. I love this dress on you! It fits beautifully on you and the pattern is awwesome!! 🙂

  2. I love the unexpected pairing of yellow heels with that fabulous dress!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this look. I’m dying over those yellow heels, they’re amazing!

    I saw you recently (?) finished your MA in SLP. I’m currently beginning the awful application process for SLP grad school myself, so it’s awesome to see someone else from the same field!

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