Monday Movie: August 1st, 2011

Black tank & turquoise cuff: Old Navy; Recurring Themes skirt: Anthropologie; Bronze cuff: Lela, street sale; Earrings: Urban Outfitters; Pin: Thrifted; Sandals: Fred Boutique; Glasses: Warby Parker, Willoughbys

(I have some blog catchin’ up to do, but might as well embrace the present for the moment!)

When Adam suggested we go see a movie tonight, I was very, very excited…especially as I knew we both wanted to see Stupid, Crazy, Love! We went for the luxurious iPic theater at Bayshore Mall again, partly because I had my heart set on buying all the frames to FINALLY finish a “picture wall” I’ve been imagining in our apartment for far too long. I think knowing that this weekend marked the year anniversary of our co-habitation (!) motivated me to finally make the trip to KOHL’S/get a few photos printed. Hoping Adam will put them all up tomorrow! I’m also hoping this will motivate me to keep our bedroom a bit neater…CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

We both loved the movie (Oh, Ryan Gosling), and something just feels extra-special about seeing a movie on a week night. I realize that pretty much ALL my evenings are week nights right now, but Adam’s aren’t, so to get to head out for the night with him post-work is pretty excellent. Also excellent? That this, my summer uniform, resulted in simultaneous compliments from the JCrew salesgirls when I wandered in looking for Adam (“I love your skirt/I love your glasses/Great pin!”). We all laughed and I felt very grateful to them for givin’ me an extra dose o’ cheer—this combination has become a very frequent summer uniform (Tank. Skirt. Sandals. Repeat.), so to feel like it’s not completely dull was a mood booster.

Here’s to a Monday night out! Go see the movie. Especially if you like hilarious (& attractive) men.

P.S. I want to give Anthropologie some public props—I had been a little upset to never have heard anything from them after two interviews/a thank you card, but did finally get a (rejection) postcard in the mail today that apparently went out waaaay back in June and got returned to sender (they wrote the address illegibly). So…all in all that made me feel better. Didn’t want to think of my favorite store as even a little rude.

The bronze cuff above? $4 at a local boutique’s street sale. Booyeahhh.


~ by Elena Marie on August 2, 2011.

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