One of the current wedding tasks: registering!

Our Target one is about complete (hopefully!), Crate & Barrell is getting there, and Adam will be making a manly one over at Home Depot.

And then I just may have started a wishlist on Anthropologie (INSERT EVIL LAUGHTER HERE). I think I need a few items on the registry that bring out a big smile instantly. Don’t get me wrong, we need a nice vaccuum, silverware, plates, etc (and I will be so grateful to receive them!), but, um, the items below are just HAPPY. Time to make our red & yellow kitchen even brighter!

Any registry experiences to share? Stores you loved/loathed? Items you use the most? We haven’t made any of our registries public to friends/family yet, so am all for hearing you feedback! MERCI.


~ by Elena Marie on August 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Registries.”

  1. Hi fellow Milwaukeean!

    First off, congrats on the wedding! I got married last year, and I definitely registered at Anthropogie. I think you should. The kichen stuff is so beautiful! I got all sorts of things from there – fine china, a set of fancy champagne flutes, drink coasters, pot holders, aprons, etc. It was so fun to open. Most people at my shower bought things from the Anthro registry.

    I tried to register at Target but the lady at the one on HWY 100 was so unhelpful that I just gave up and went to Crate & Barrel. I highly recommend C&B as well. Lots of good kitchen basics, and is actually more inexpensive than most people assume it is. We got our silverware (the Oona style) and everyday dishes there, along with fun things like cake pedestals, martini shakers, and a wine bucket.

    Are you going to be a registry stalker? I totally was.

  2. The best piece of advice when I was registering was to wait until it got closer to my showers and actual wedding to actually register! A lot of stuff goes on sale and is clearanced off. I had a friend register 6 months early and she ended up having to re-register at each of her stores because a lot of her items were no longer available. Have fun “shopping”! Happy scanning! 🙂

  3. We only registered at C&B. For the shower 95% of our gifts were off the registry. For the wedding we mostly received gift cards and cash (perhaps because people had to travel?). Since we already have all the appliances we need we mostly went with a new set of dishes (nothing fancy), plus mixing bowls, glasses, placemats, dish towels…
    Favourite items off the registry? Definitely all of the mixing bowls. And we are loving our new dishes too. I think the best things to register for are ones that you think you will love using down the line, and if it puts a smile on your face, then go for it!

  4. If my whole life would be an Anthro ad, I would be in heaven ❤

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