Back to School Shopping.

Well, the summer is coming to a close. In less than two weeks I must head back to work. Somehow I suspect going from my current 10m wake-up time to 5:10am might be a smidgen painful. Just a theory. It also might be a little painful to shell out $$ on new work clothes, but I think at least a few items are necessary (will I ever find the perfect black trousers?!). A mix of necessary staples and pretty are below. Need to at least spring for a good blazer this year (…considering I’ve been saying this for several years and keep failing completely) alongside a couple of blouses, pairs of flats, and pants (this may take me a couple of months to accomplish out of spending guilt/knowing my car insurance is due this month–yuck). For now let’s just pretend all the items below have magicked themselves into my closet!

Ah, that was a good moment.

Are you on a back-to-school/work shopping mission? What’s on your fall wish list?


~ by Elena Marie on August 9, 2011.

8 Responses to “Back to School Shopping.”

  1. A good pair of black pants are always a must have for back to school. I have an okay pair right now, but I’m always on the search for the “perfect” pair. The one item I always struggle with is blouses. I say I’m going to get some blouses, but I have so much trouble finding ones that fit me well. The ones that do fit are always out of my price range. Maybe I’ll get lucky this year. That pleated skirt is starting to look like a must have to me too . . .

  2. Do you thrift much? I find that the best finds at the thrift store are blazers and skirts. I have so many amazing blazers that I paid less than 10 bucks for, including the dry cleaning. Just saying – you might want to try. Then you can buy more than one 😉

    • I give it a shot every now and then, but I’ll admit I haven’t had tons of success (though I love seeing other people’s amazing finds!). I tend to struggle a bit with blazers; would likely need a “tall” size and come by a lot of too-short-sleeved ones at Goodwill. Absolutely worth a shot, though! My sister has thrifted some great pleated skirts lately.

      • When the sleeves are too short, just go with it – roll them (like in the photo above).

  3. I used to love this time of year…back to school shopping!! Love your pics especially that blue skirt and mustard blouse!
    FYI- Piperlime is having a pre fall clothing sale right now…they had some cute blazers!

  4. I’m on the search for carmel colored heels and a new tote.

  5. lovin the pleated skirts and bow blouse and a blazer is a must. whether you like or not… all the above are ON TREND! 😉

  6. Even though I’m technically on GAAD, I did replace some worn out work clothes in anticipation of the upcoming academic year. I came away with a couple of versatile dresses, a pair of Banana Republic black cropped trousers, a skirt, and a couple of blouses from Anthro and Ann Taylor. I love that mustard tie knot blouse!

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