Yay New York!: August 18th, 2011

Event: Tutoring

Outfit: Striped tee: Anthropologie; Shorts: Gap; Sandals/headband: Target; Necklace: flea market; Marriage equality bag: A Practical Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen head over heels in love with a canvas bag…but this one was just so darned pretty (and comes with a message I very fervently believe in). A Practical Wedding, one of the wedding blogs I frequent, is hosting a rockin’ celebration in NYC —basically a huge reception to celebrate marriage equality.

I don’t know when I began to feel so strongly about marriage equality, but, honestly, it just seems like such a NO BRAINER to me that it hits me especially hard that it’s not legal across this country. I’ve never heard a single logical argument against gay marriage…so rooted in intolerance, hate, skewed takes on religion. But let’s focus on the positive—progress is certainly being made, no matter how much people seem to conveniently forget the church/state division we are supposed to have in America.

So, yes, YAY NEW YORK! And yay for my new, casual striped tee from Anthro. Suspect will be paired with many a dressy skirt for work days. And while I’m at it, YAY for another cupcake/wine night with Maria (to be followed up with a day in the sun today! Yessss)…I was especially diggin’ the flavor of the week: tiramisu.

It’s my last day off (back to work on Monday…eeks), so time to get outside and enjoy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I tried to show the bag off again pre-cupcakes…not too successful on the balcony!


~ by Elena Marie on August 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “Yay New York!: August 18th, 2011”

  1. I love that t-shirt, but especially love that bag! It’s adorable and totally a message I can get behind. It’s unreal that it’s taking this long for gay marriage to be universally legal (let alone socially acceptable) in this country, but I’m happy for the progress being made thus far.

  2. I bought the same stripey top this week! Good taste!! I also love that canvas bag too. Enjoy your last day off before going back to work!

  3. Enjoy your last weekend off!!


  4. cute shoes!


  5. You look adorable! And I 100% agree about marriage equality. I know gay couples whose relationships have outlasted so many straight married people. There is no argument against it!! So glad things are slowly changing.

  6. cool bag! love the stripe combo on that tee

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