The Beads: August 26th, 2011

Event: Mini grad school reunion in Chicago

Outfit: Dress: The Limited; Sandals: Target; Necklace & ring: Handed down from Aunt Zarema

Drove to my parents’ house after work on Friday and did a quick-change before having my mom (awesomely) drive me to the train station, bound for Chicago and a girls’ night out. Traveling from Milwaukee of course meant having to pick out an outfit in advance. I’d decided to stick with one of my favorite dresses + a new, bold accessory: necklace handed down from Aunt Zarema. My parents and Anna’s visit to NJ/NY last week meant a chance for the ladies to rifle through her many accessories and pick out anything we might like (or, in my case, that my mom thought I might like). I wound up with a few new bead-tastic necklaces and this fun ring. I love free additions to my wardrobe! On the hair front, I tried out a messy,bare-bones version of this Cup of Jo hairstyle (have gotten a little better since aka have removed the ponytail holders ha) and it got me through both the evening and the next morning’s trip around the city.

Anywho—one car ride+metra trip+walk-red line e+walk later I made it to Katherine and Sarah’s rockin’ Lakeview apartment. Once Jenna and Natalie had arrived (and Katherine and I had picked up some cheap wine at Jewel) we went to a delicious BYOB restaurant, Tango Sur. The food was heavenly (yay for cheese, bread, eggplant, and “el filet”). Anything involving sharing dishes (oh my goodness, I almost forget to mention to the garlic/spinach mashed potatoes! AWESOME) has become my new favorite. We later cabbed it out to Old Town for a Bud Light filled evening. I love hearing what everyone is up to. Adam (and others) claim that SLPs pretty much can’t help but talk speech-language pathology when together. A LOT. To me, we don’t even bring it up all that much (considering all 5 of us are SLPs), but it’s nice to not have to worry about any outsiders getting bored to death at the topics that do appear in conversation. We work with different age groups (the entire life span is covered when you consider all our jobs) and in different settings (home visits, clinics, schools, nursing home), which just makes things all the more interesting.

I’m curious: do you have a lot of friends in the same field? Do you feel it’s easier to relate to these people? Just want to talk about anything BUT work? Thoughts?


~ by Elena Marie on August 30, 2011.

11 Responses to “The Beads: August 26th, 2011”

  1. Cute! The beads are amazing! I love how many layers it has.

  2. Love it! (It being the whole post in general!)

  3. Sounds like a great night!! Love the hairdo!
    Very cool hand me down ring.

  4. First of all I love your beads and your hair!

    I do have a lot of friends in education, and I really like that we can relate on what it’s like to work in that field. We don’t work at the same schools, but there is definitely a camaraderie that comes from knowing what it’s like to be in public education that my friends who aren’t a part of can’t necessarily relate to. I’m glad I have friends outside my field because I certainly don’t want to talk about my job all the time, but it’s nice to have friends who can totally relate to you when you’re blowing off steam.

  5. ooo yay you work the jewelry! your hair is sooo cool! and about hanging out with friends in the same field— that’s my life! i love my fashionistas!

  6. Everything about this post is fantastic: the bright beaded jewelry, the amazing up-do (wow i’m in awe), and that wine and food. Looks so incredible and such a great way to spend an evening with friends!


  7. I’ve been to Tango Sur! and I loved it.

  8. That ring is gorgeous – what a great gift!

  9. Looking gorgeous! Those food pics are killing me! I’m not even reading my usual food blogs while I’m doing this clean eating diet. Blah. haha

  10. Ooh the hair turned out really nice- I haven’t been brave enough to try that style out yet, although I love those tutorials. And I’m totally jealous that you’re so near to Chicago. A pretty embarrassing amount of my social circle is people in science, since most of the people I’ve met in Houston are also grad students (or in a relationship with them), and actually a lot of my college friends are/ were involved in something science-related (although not necessarily within the same specific field, so we get plenty o variety). It’s nice to be able to talk/complain about things in specifics and not worry as much about saying something that’ll bother someone, buuuut it’d probably be good to get outside of my field socially a little bit more.

  11. 1. YUM.
    2. Your hair looks awesome.
    3. I like having a balance of friends. When I have a group that can talk about the professional stuff that I’m passionate about, it’s totally awesome. But I also like having friends with different interests and passions, and learning about those things from them. It’s one thing I’ve loved about Joe being in grad school now, since I’ve been plopped down into a new network of friends with diverse, and fascinating, professional interests.

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