Filet Friday: September 3rd, 2011

Event: Dinner & drinks out with friends

Outfit: Dress: BCBG Outlet; Sandals: Target; Earrings: Fred Boutique

Friday night I was in a full-blown state of “EVERYTHING LOOKS DUMB PLEASE PICK MY OUTFIT FOR ME”. Adam returned from the closet with this dress—what a perfect choice! I realized I hadn’t even shown it on the blog yet. This was one of my June BCBG Outlet finds—$30 marked down from somewhere around $250 (ridiculous). It’s awesomely silky, all about crazy billowing pockets (seemed to be a big theme at BCBG this year) and has a distinctly asymmetric hem. I thought we were just going for a casual dinner at The Safe House with one of Adam’s friend’s parents who were in town for the weekend…but due to a long wait-time we all wound up at Mo’s (“A Place for Steaks), which is significantly fancier. I’ve pretty much never felt wronged by being overdressed. Case in point.

The meal wound up being delicious. Good wine, amazing sides (the table ordered a whole bunch to share), yummy filet mignon. Far more decadent than I would normally go. And this meal marked the start of of a crazy turn of events: I have had filet mignon THREE times in the past five days. THREE. My arteries are clogging (and clearly I’m writing this from my butler-staffed luxury condo ;-D). Ah, holiday/anniversary weekend coupled with a sale at Jewel today & Adam’s willingness to grill. Craziness.

Alright, time to spend the evening getting organized and (hopefully) relaxing. I think the September issue of InStyle is calling my name…

P.S. My hair has been in some sort of braided ‘do almost daily. Lovin’ it.


~ by Elena Marie on September 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Filet Friday: September 3rd, 2011”

  1. Yummy, that food looks delicious and your outfit looks great, too! I especially love that headband, so pretty!

  2. that dress is fantastic! and three filets sounds pretty delicious!

  3. Oh love that dress…the color looks amazing on you!!

  4. My husband is great at picking out my outfits during moments like that. He always picks the pieces that are neglected. I love the coral color on you!!

  5. Such a great dress for the end of summer…love the hair!

  6. I LOVE this, Elena. SO good. Adam did a damn good job. 🙂

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