Celebrating 4 Years: September 3rd, 2011

Event: Anniversary dinner @ Lake Park Bistro

Outfit: Red dress: Flirt Boutique; Floral jacket: Simply Vera via KOHL’S; Yellow heels: Urban Outfitters; Clutch: H&M

Adam + Elena hit the 4 year mark on August 31st. On the actual day we had a pretty low-key evening—Adam picked me up from tutoring and we headed over to enjoy some live music at River Rhythms as our apartment complex had a free tent reserved (aka we went to enjoy what I love: FREE music, food, drink). Very fun. On Saturday morning we headed to Lake Geneva to scout out wedding rings for Adam (seeking: Celtic style). No luck, but I did order the most amazing toasted coconut ice cream, so there’s a win. On the way we stopped at the jeweler where Adam purchased my ring. I didn’t find the perfect band, but I got a complimentary ring cleaning. It looks even more sparkly! Whee!

And then Saturday night was our big celebratory dinner. The Bartolotta group has quite a few much-lauded restaurants around Milwaukee, and I hadn’t been to a one of them. We decided on Lake Park Bistro and enjoy a night o’ delicious food & wine (goat cheese with black truffle honey, filet mignon numero dos with peas and potatoes, CREME BRULEE). So decadent, so awesome. Fun to enjoy a fancy evening out with my guy.

I must say, 4 years sound like a long time. That’s a whole high school or undergrad experience! 1/6 of our lives! We were college seniors when we met, and now we’re fully graduated, financially independent, employed, puppy-owning GROWN-UPS. Our own little famiglia. I GUESS WE SHOULD GET MARRIED OR SOMETHING.


Time to relax a bit. This afternoon I started to (very suddenly) feel very cruddy, so my night has been pretty wasted (no workout—grrrrr, no cleaning…nothin’). C’mon, sore throat/overall achiness. BE GONE. Hope you’re feeling healthier and excited for a wonderful weekend!

P.S. This was another Cup of Jo hair attempt. Love them, even if mine are always very different versions!


~ by Elena Marie on September 8, 2011.

6 Responses to “Celebrating 4 Years: September 3rd, 2011”

  1. baaahhh looove your outfit and hair! you and adam look so sharp 🙂 cant handle how cute you guys are together

  2. i just wore that dress today for fashion night out 🙂

  3. You look beautiful (and your ring is quite lovely too:)!

    I could go for an ice cream cone right about now. Yum!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. YOur ring is amazing!!!!!


  5. I love your hair! It looks like it should be paired with a flapper dress 🙂 And I love, love, love your ring.

  6. That floral jacket is so awesome, and this whole look is perfect for your classy night out! Congratulations to you and Adam! 🙂

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