Black, White, Gold: September 14th, 2011

Event: Work/tutoring

Outfit: White blouse: LOFT Outlet; Pleated skirt: Banana Republic; Belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Gap; Headband: Target; Pin: Thrifted

Wednesday is my day at the private school, which I think has somehow been leading me to dress a bit more classically. I’d wear this any work day, definitely, but with kids in uniforms and crosses everywhere I think the more classic combinations cut to the front of the line.

So, my first day with the iPad? Pretty rockin’! I don’t have internet access there (eeks!) so couldn’t search for more apps, but broke it out with almost all of my groups of kids for at least a few minutes. Alarming? I believe every child identified the iPad without prompting (while it was still inside its box). Oh, it’s a different world.

I think this post is about to become a random string o’ thoughts. Really on my mind? FIRST PAYDAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS TOMORROW. Feels pretty needed right now. I opted to be paid equally throughout the entire year (including summers), but the accounting department unexpectedly opted to give us ALL our paychecks from last year by June 30th. So, yes, I was paid for my July/August weeks…but a very long time ago. It’ll feel good to have new $$ (and the slight raise that comes with a new year at a school!).I mean, I have a bachelorette party look to buy, and I want to feel at peace with my bank account before doing so. 😉

While I’m on this wholly-unconnected-thought-trend, I had a new student at tutoring tonight. It could be awesome. And I stopped for veggie lo mein on the way home, which I bolstered with tofu I cooked up at home. Plus a beer. Plus Rachel Zoe entertaining me over dinner. Win, Wednesday night. Maybe I’ll keep it going with a little at-home workout…? One never knows.


~ by Elena Marie on September 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Black, White, Gold: September 14th, 2011”

  1. I love this classic look. A white button up in on my list of things to buy, I can’t believe I don’t own one.

    I am loving my iPad! It’s really so convenient. I didn’t buy the one with the AT&T service, just the regular one. My husband’s company pays for his Android and it has wireless capabilities (or something) and I it’s been nice when we are traveling that I can turn on his phone and my ipad connects! Know of any cool apps?

    • Same, as it’s for work there’s no AT&T involved. I mostly am downloading free speech therapy related apps right now, but I will admit to loving Scramble! Gotta love a good word game 🙂

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