Ode to Clockwork: September 19th, 2011

Event: Work, groomsmen apparel scoutin’

Outfit: Lost Time Skirt: Anthropologie; Striped tee: Gap; Boots: Steve Madden; Headband: Target; Scarf: Street vendor in Verona

Well, it continues to be true: wearing this skirt just makes me a little bit happier. Dear Lost Time Skirt: you are fun, you’re full-bodied, you have tulle, and I think you may have a crush on my fave cognac boots.

It wound up being a fairly light day at work (yay!), so with the help of a lunchtime pumpkin spice latte I got through my Monday just fine. After work grocery shopping and now suit/tux scouting for the groomsmen have tired me out a bit. Went into Men’s Wearhouse hoping to get things figured out, but honestly was not impressed by the options. Ergh. I think having guys pay $150 for a RENTAL is ridiculous, so we were really hoping to offer an inexpensive suit purchase as an alternative. Didn’t have a whole lot of luck keeping it affordable. If you know of anywhere where one can get a decent suit for under $250, would LOVE to hear about it. HELP!!! We’re seeking something in the grey family, which didn’t yield a lot of choices.

Anyway, time to go eat some pizza I just made (fine, with store-bought crust ;-D) and try and get in the mood to workout later.  Hope your Monday is zooming by!



~ by Elena Marie on September 19, 2011.

8 Responses to “Ode to Clockwork: September 19th, 2011”

  1. I concur! This skirt is phenomenal. And there is something utterly magical about the perfect way that it combines with the stripes and cognac boots.

    Glad you had an easy Monday! I wish I had a tip for suits, but I’m sadly without ANY knowledge of where to get menswear…

  2. I agree with Clare–there is something magical about this. In fact, I feel with those boots and that headband that if you were walking through a forrest you’d bound to fall down a fairy hole, in which time would pass differently.

  3. Love that skirt too!

    JC Penny has suits around that price range…i think they had gray last time i walked through the mens department at the mall.


  4. That skirt is amazing…I love a good clock motif…great how you paired it with striped and that dash of green!

  5. For suits, all of my guys went with Stafford at JC Penny. They are really nice and very reasonably priced. I am so jealous you can break out scarves and boots!!

  6. Great styling girl! love the green pop of color here.

  7. I love the whole outfit, the skirt is extra amazing.

    If you’re not too picky you can always ask the groomsmen if they already have a black suit of their own that they can wear. I suspect most of them will have one, even though they won’t all match perfectly.

  8. I love the stripes with the skirt! I might just have to wear my cognac boots tomorrow.

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