Farewell Tour: September 23rd, 2011

Event: Matthias’s last night in MKE

Outfit: Tee: Local printer; Suit jacket: JCPenney; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: TOMS; Necklace: Flea market

Well, we bid adieu to another European friend on Friday.

A year ago we were sending Martin back to Sweden, and now Matthias is headed back to Switzerland. I LOVE how international Adam’s workplace is, but it also means eventually saying goodbye to some pretty awesome people. We sent him off in (over-the-top) style: brewery tour at Milwaukee Brewing Co. (highly recommend), dinner at Ryan Braun’s Graffito, drunken dancing at Jo Cats. The original plan was to change into somethin’ fancier after the brewery tour, but—as I wasn’t so sure this would happen—I dressed so that I wouldn’t be uncomfortable going out in this later. With about 20 minutes to get ready after work, I just hiked that bun up as high as humanly possible and added some sparkle. And my favorite $1 t-shirt (you know, to add some international flair).

These pictures are really showcasing how these jeans need to shrink a bit (or be worn with heels). Usually this length is just right on me, but somehow this pair of “longs” seem to be draggin’ a bit. I must be shrinking in my old age. 😉

Well, here’s to old and new friends. And, hopefully, reunions in Europe someday.


~ by Elena Marie on September 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Farewell Tour: September 23rd, 2011”

  1. Love the added sparkle with the headband and fantastic necklace. How was Ryan Braun’s place?

    • I really liked it (and have the last couple times we went there, too!), though I will say that Adam & 2 other friends who got a pasta dish didn’t feel well later in the evening. 😦 Overall, though, had a very good experience. LOVE their bruschetta and gelato.

  2. Looking great in those jeans! =D

  3. You know what I need? More European friends and more graphic tees. You look gorgeous in these pictures!

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