Weekend Upate.

This weekend I:

Enjoyed delicious pizza at Via Downer with friends and an excellent German film at the Film Festival (Vincent Wants to Sea). +Drinks & wedding/girl talk post-movie. (FRIDAY)

-Made a yummy lunch at home before going to see one of my best friends be a GORGEOUS maid of honor at her sister’s wedding (the bride was stunning!). Enjoyed an evening of good food, drink, and shakin’ it on the dance floor with Shelly. I got to attend as Adam was the photographer! Ah, excellent perks! Crashed at Adam’s parents’ house. (SATURDAY)

-Drove back to Milwaukee and got to go for a rockin’ run outside. I went a bit over a 5k, which made me very happy after having been pretty treadmill-exclusive for the last couple months. The lakefront was beautiful, as always. Later grabbed a pumpkin spice latte with Maria (SWEDEN DOESN’T HAVE PUMPKINS! Luckily, she has been enjoying pumpkin and thus can be my friend ;-D) and awaited study-abroad friend Jake’s arrival. Adam and I accompanied him and his girlfriend, Izzy, to the Pabst to see Tim Minchin, who is HILARIOUS, by the way. If you’re particularly religious, I might not recommend him. Otherwise, enjoy. Stayed up way past my bedtime and somehow got through Monday! (SUNDAY)

Hope you had  wonderful weekend and that your Tuesday’s off to a good start!


~ by Elena Marie on October 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Weekend Upate.”

  1. Wow! What a weekend!! I only made it down to Leff’s Luckytown Saturday night to watch the Badgers beat Nebraska!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Your friend’s bridesmaid dress is so pretty!

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