Donna & Matt.

Spent most of the weekend witnessing and celebrating the marriage of this gorgeous couple. Adam’s cousin Matt married Donna on Saturday, so I got to see my guy in a tux, experience a beautiful ceremony, eat tons of yummy Polish food (and visit the awesome martini bar!), and see the married couple today for more food and talk. It reminded me of my cousin Steve’s wedding in that many cultural traditions were present (albeit Polish, not Indian, ones), one day was not enough to mark the occasion, and the reception was so EPIC that many guests changed into more formal attire (I was kind of in the dark on this, but luckily threw a couple of extra dresses in my bag at the last minute just-in-case). Such a wonderful weekend—-& with perfect weather to go with it! Very happy for the new Mr. & Mrs.


~ by Elena Marie on October 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Donna & Matt.”

  1. What a beautiful wedding! That food spread looks like it’s to die for.

  2. That wedding looks fabulous! I keep lamenting how I haven’t been to any in a year and a half now.

  3. Sounds like it was amazing…love that people dress up even more for the reception…that dress looks incredible on you!!

  4. gooorggeous!!! i love the bubbles in the first picture so much better than rice haha

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