Weekday Wears.

I promise, I’ve still been getting dressed (apparently very frequently in my cognac boots). This week has just been a bit of a private-school-paperwork and invitation-addressing-stuffing frenzy.

Above are  few recent weekday looks. I feel like I’ve been getting back to my “work self” a bit more—fewer pants looks, more skirts and dresses. Although, that may change soon unless I update my tights! I think every black pair from last year has multiple holes. Booo. Found any great ones lately? I’m usually a Hue, H&M, or We Love Colors girl but am open to any opaque pairs you’d recommend!

Will return soon with weekend photos. Yesterday was soooooo fall-tastic and I loved it!


~ by Elena Marie on October 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Weekday Wears.”

  1. I’ve actually had a lot of luck finding tights (opaque/fun casual ones/etc) at Urban Outfitters, although I love Hue too!

  2. i found some good ones from TJ Maxx once… look for micro-fiber tights theyre uber soft

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