Rumpus Room: October 22nd, 2011

Event: Adam’s birthday dinner

Outfit: Perthshire Dress: Anthropologie; Boots: Steve Madden; Headband: Target; Jacket: Forever 21; Pin: Gift from Adam (Scotland)

I figured a Scottish fiance’s birthday called for my tartan dress. We wound up pretty coordinated with his tweed jacket and cap!

Adam didn’t get back from his business trip until after 5pm on Saturday, so I greeted him with a box of birthday gifts/cards and cheese curds fresh out of the oven (we are in WI, after all). After gift-opening (main ones from me: new watch and tickets to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra play Led Zeppelin!) there was some time to relax before our dinner reservation at Bartolotta’s newest restaurant: the Rumpus Room!

I was SO excited that it opened this month! A restaurant based around the premise of good beer, scotch, & food pairings is pretty perfect for my birthday guy. We tried new beers, ate yummy steak, and sampled a little scotch. I made a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for dessert (…most of which is now in the freezer for me to eat all week…oh nooooo).

Here’s to 26 years!

So…you know it’s going to take like 10 photos in a row, right?

<Adam flees>

Someone really missed her daddy.

With his new watch!

Yum—the Rumpus Room!

Pub steak, bread pudding, roasted carrots

With the scotch flight!


~ by Elena Marie on October 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Rumpus Room: October 22nd, 2011”

  1. Oh! I heard about Rumpus Room!! Looks good!! Happy Belated Birthday to Adam!! And the picture with both of you is great!

  2. I LOVED your outfit for your mans bday, too freaking cute and perfect for the restaurant! =D

  3. […] his amazing Glasgow-based relatives, (wedding) kilts, Scottish Fest, Scottish baby names imagined, celebrating his birthday a week before he decided to end our life […]

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