Time to Shine: October 28th, 2011

Events: Work/Dinner out with Maria

Outfits: Puff-sleeved tee, jeans: Gap; Lost Time Skirt: Anthropologie; Sequined blouse: NODRESSCODE by Tony Cohen (Spring/Summer ’08 collection; via Falcon—gift card; Shoes: TOMS

Friday was another all over the place kind of day—-2 trips to the private school just to meet with parents for 10 minutes, the school-wide costume-parade (adorable!), trying to find a cape over lunch to complete my costume, lots of calls to parents to warn them of my absences next week (another conference!), IEP writing for the remainder of the day. Got to leave a few minutes early in honor of Halloween, so I managed to squeeze in a workout before meeting up with Maria for tapas at La Merenda.

Yum, yum, yum! We had a couple glasses of wine and dined on patatas bravas, butternut squash ravioli, some sort of awesome chicken curry, and spring rolls. Was great to cap off the work week with a good girls’ night! We chilled at the apartment for a bit until Adam got home from this past week’s travels—-Memphis and Greensboro. Very nice to have him home!

We left MKE behind this weekend for a Halloween celebration in Chicago. Pictures to follow! For now here are my day/night looks, both shined up a bit with my gilded TOMS. Honestly, I meant to wear boots in the morning but had thrown these on to take Arwen out…and there they remained. Wound up liking it! I love my boots, but sometimes I think they make my legs looks a bit shorter/squatter when full skirts are involved.


~ by Elena Marie on October 30, 2011.

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