Silver Linings (I).

Time to start a new feature: silver linings. Must find the positives. This week…

1. Support. Not only have my friends, family, and co-workers shown such support, but you guys have rocked. I was surprised to hear not only from readers I’ve been lucky enough to meet in real life, but from people I had no idea read the blog. It meant a lot. Thank you.

2. Short commute. Gas money saved, the chance to work out and be home by 4:15. As my wise co-worker has said, “If you can only find one positive at the end of the day, think of the short commute!”. Truth. Actually reaping the benefits of working in a school is nice.

3. YMCA. Oh my goodness. I’m in love with the local Y. Or, well, really just its university-gym-level machines. I forgot how much working out to my own commercial-free TV shows (yay iPod syncing!) motivates me. Ran a slow 5K today and walked until I hit 5 miles. Felt good. If I live at home for awhile I could see a membership being a splurge.

4. Breaking Bad. Needed something new to watch and space out with…and, oh, has it delivered. Making my way through season 2.

5. New nail polish. Hey, I didn’t say they’d be big things. Sometimes an under $10 pick-me-up makes a big difference. Shine, shine, shine.


~ by Elena Marie on November 12, 2011.

11 Responses to “Silver Linings (I).”

  1. Nice nail polish! You seem to be doing awesomely. Stay positive! 🙂

  2. It’s the little moments that will get you through every time. Speaking from pure experience, little pleasures and joys are the ones that start to add up…before you know it large amounts of time pass and you look back to see the person you were is no longer the person you have become.

  3. Yay for seeing the silver linings! I love the nail polish. It looks great! I’d love to do my nails more often but I always seem to chip the polish so easily.

  4. The small things are what helps. The support of friends and family go a long way, too. You are a strong person Elena. Take everything one day at a time. When I finally learned to do that, rather than looking far into the future or painfully in the past, I was able to start realizing that things did not hurt as much. I love this post… I love that you are looking at the silver linings. You rock, twin. Plain and simple.

  5. I love this! Focusing on the positives is good no matter what:)

    Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows. I am also loving The Walking Dead right now. Your new nail polish is super cute!

  6. Lots and lots of love and prayers for you, girl. Your polish is pretty great, too 🙂

  7. This is a great idea! When I was going through a really rough period last year, I started a “happiness journal.” At the end of every day, I had to write down five things that made me happy. Focusing on positive things like that definitely helped.

  8. What nail polish is that?

    I LOVE It!

  9. It is always good to see the silver linings. 🙂 Love that nail polish!!

  10. That nail polish is amazing! A shorter commute is awesome too. I moved for this school year and my commute shortened and it was possibly one of the best things ever. I’m looking forward to your next installment of silver linings 🙂

  11. Your nails are fantastic!! i am so sorry that you have to go through this but finding the silver lining is so important.

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