Morning Frosting: November 22nd, 2011

Event: Work, moving, girls’ night

Outfit: Striped tee: Gap; Pants: Banana Republic Outlet; Necklace: handed down from aunt; Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW

Yep, this outfit is pretty much IKEA’s work appropriate twin.

Scene from work:

Co-worker: So you’re doing okay?

Me: Yeah, I’m fine.

Co-worker: Well, you’re looking very skinny to me. Have you lost weight?

Me: Eh. Don’t worry. I had cake for breakfast.

Co-worker: Must be your white/black outfit then.

Me: *Nods*

Ah, the power of black & white and heels. Seriously, though, Tuesday was a binge-fest, but in a pretty darn awesome way. Shelly came to help me unpack my car/get all settled in after work, and we made it our mission to 1) Find a Chinese place near my apartment (success!), 2) discover if the nearby CVS had wine (yepppp), 3) eat French Silk ice cream with gourmet marshmallows. Oh, and watch many, many episodes of Alias while going back for more crab rangoon. Mission accomplished. And I even squeezed in a couple of outfit photos at the new apartment! Kitchen table, meet the blogosphere.


~ by Elena Marie on November 24, 2011.

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