Silver Linings (III).

1. All things Christmas. The moment Thanksgiving ends I give myself license to decorate, listen to many holiday tunes, and watch all my favorite holiday movies. This year hasn’t been any different. Having a sparkling tree next to me and Elf on the TV are definitely good things.

2. Friends & family. I imagined feeling horrible on Thanksgiving, and—while it had its rough moments—this wasn’t really the case. Friends (who not only made the trip but brought Swedish goodies, lots of my kitchen stuff from MKE, and a case of WI beer) and my very small, kind family made the day doable, and even fun.

3. Puppy time. Spending a couple of days in MKE meant lots of kisses and cuddles from Arwen. I am grateful that Adam’s and my split was not on the kind of terms that make it impossible to see one another, because this would make reunions with my pup pretty challenging. Grateful also that Arwen has a newly gated hallway in the apartment to move around in while Adam’s at work.Makes me feel better about not being there for my lady. P.S. I can’t stop browsing It’s dangerous.

4. New duvet cover. I just bought the set I had on my wishlist before graduation, when I thought I’d be continuing to live on my own. 2 years later, I still love it! My grey & yellow bedroom is coming together nicely. It’s pretty and cheerful and is becoming the perfect place to curl up with a good read.

5. Turkey Trot. Knowing I can knock out a race in about the same time frame even when in a rough place was really comforting. Did I wish my usual cheerleader was there? Of course, but I  keep realizing that I certainly can do all these things on my own, and even enjoy them. Ready to keep running and gear up for the next one!


~ by Elena Marie on November 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Silver Linings (III).”

  1. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day:) I love your new duvet cover!

  2. Happy to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving surrounding by so much love and friendship! Enjoy your short commute next week!

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