Monday’s Ups & Downs: November 28th, 2011

Event: Work, errands

Outfit: Chambray shirt: Gap (borrowed from Anna); Lost Time Skirt: Anthropologie; Flats: Nine West

Yesssss. Another shirt to pair with the skirt o’ whimsy.

With the ruffles and tie, there wasn’t a lot of room for jewelry with this outfit, so I went for some blingy shoes. REPURPOSED ITEM ALERT (I suspect these will keep a comin’). These were supposed to be my wedding reception flats, as I really wanted some comfy shoes that fit with our color scheme. They were comfy enough, but the biggest rhinestones popped off today, so can’t say I’m super impressed. Then again, my job has me pretty much crawling and crouching around on the floor all day (pre-K is glamorous business), so it does demand a whole lot of durability. In any case, they’ll be good everyday flats. At least I get to keep being proud of my realistic, functional wedding purchases. Sigh.

Finally grocery shopped for the first time today and cooked a meal in the new place. Also have been logging workouts in the apartment’s facility. Trying to get all settled in here. It’s fun seeing the apartment come together and I’m really liking it, but of course this is not what I was imagining for myself at this point and that’s tough. I’ve lived alone before and I enjoyed the independence…but I was very ready to share my life with someone (obviously), so it’s kind of bizarre. Ah, well. Sorry, I seem to be a bit more of a downer today. Probably a little tied to totaling up how much $$ I (/we) lost on this endeavor that was to be our wedding/life together. The logistics aren’t the worst part of this, but they aren’t fun, either.

Alright, I’m going to cut myself off here and go enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie. Hoping your post-Thanksgiving week is off to a good start!



~ by Elena Marie on November 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Monday’s Ups & Downs: November 28th, 2011”

  1. those shoes are AWESOME and hopefully still good minus one rhinestone! i hope your week has more ups and less downs. 🙂

  2. You are allowed to be emotional…it is hard when the plans that you have layed out and started on change in a instant.
    Love the mix of the chambray top with that great skirt!

  3. omg i love this outfit! the shirt looks so cute with that skirt and i didnt even know about those cute flats!

  4. I love this shirt!

    It is perfectly okay to be down. Just keep remembering those silver linings.

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