GIVEAWAY: BeKnown Interview Survival Kit

Danielle from and BeKnown (check out more about BeKnown at the links below!) recently contacted me to ask if I’d like to host a giveaway for you awesome readers. Getting you guys free goods is a win-win in my book, so here we go! They’re offering up two “Interview Survival Kits”, which include a) a professional business card holder, b) $10 Starbucks gift card (I know I always liked to treat myself to a beverage post-interview!), and c) essential grooming tools (mints, comb/brush, lipstick, blush, etc). So, if you’re getting ready to start the interview process or just in need of a professionalism boost—-this is the giveaway for you. Kit is valued at $70!

I know I was a bit puzzled when it came to interviewing—-how formal should I be for an education setting? Were certain accessories too “edgy”? Was a suit necessary? How should I wear my hair? This kit might not take out all that guesswork for you, but it certainly gives you some tools to feel more confident and pulled together. Always a good thing. You can see some of my job fair/interview looks below from Spring 2010, when I was going through this whole lovely process. I found that structured, classic pieces (with a little color/jewelry) made me feel best both when interviewing and when starting my post-grad school life.

Best of luck to any of you embarking on the interviewing journey! I have 2 kits to give away. To qualify, please just leave a comment on this post and make sure I have a way to contact you. I’d love to hear what makes for a no-fail interview look for you. I will select the winners a week from today, on 12/6.

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~ by Elena Marie on November 29, 2011.

14 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: BeKnown Interview Survival Kit”

  1. Loving all the outfits – especially the one with the yellow bag! I like adding pops of color to normally “dull” situations! here’s hoping the kit comes to me!


  2. Love all the outfit tips. My tip is to never wear too high of a heel.

  3. Your interview outfits are solid! I agree that keeping with the classics and adding personality with pops of color and fun (but not distracting) accessories is the way to go. Your first look is my favorite, it reminds me of Carolina Herrerra’s elegant, classic style. In the second look, I like how you paired a colorful printed blouse with your dark suit- it keeps the look from becoming somber, which often happens to me when I start “suiting up” if you will 😉 For me, interviewing is a little different in the fashion industry- it’s all about dressing for the company’s style. Wearing business casual works for interviewing at Kohl’s, but it would not work for a company like Urban Outfitters.

  4. I agree with your thoughts! In addition, it has to be something I feel fully comfortable in. Not like sweat pants comfortable, but like, I’ve tried this and there aren’t spots I have to keep pulling up/down or areas I’m insecure about. Always always try it on ahead of time and wear it around for awhile even to make sure it works for you.

  5. good point, Amy! The last thing you want to be worrying about during your interview is how your outfit is sitting

  6. My current boss actually made fun of me for wearing a suit to my interview. 🙂 But I like to say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

  7. As a recent college grad on the job warpath, I find it’s just best to be completely comfortable with your outfit and self. All advice I’ve ever gotten is that unless it’s an extremely corporate environment (law, accounting, etc. for a large company), I would refrain from wearing a suit. I’ve worn professional skirts and jackets or dresses but always added my own twist or pop of color, which is more my personality. Just be prepared! Have a portofolio with extra copies of your resume, cover letter or writing/design samples (depending on your field)…and a working pen! Ask for business cards, set a follow up thank you (hand written!) and be yourself. Own it! You are who you are and can only give what you have to offer so give yourself a break! But always error on the side of professionalism!

  8. WOW!! So when will I see you on the TODAY show sharing your experiences and blog in order to help and inspire others…..please let me know; so I can set my DVR!! *wink*

  9. I think better overdressed than under – plus I always feel more confident in a jacket. Best interview advice – be prepared with hard copies of everything, have answers ready to the obvious questions, and relax – try to treat it like a conversation! Smile!

  10. great giveaway – what a cool idea!

    I think sticking with classic professional outfits with a pop of something interesting (colorful shoes, bold necklace, etc.) is the best way to go.

  11. I haven’t quite mastered the art of interviews! Your outfits look great! I worked as a parapro at a high school for a couple of years and it took me a while to get into the groove of what to wear. 🙂

  12. Great giveaway! For my first (and only!) grown up job interview, I wore a classic black skirt suit. It was the middle of summer and I drove with the jacket off so I wouldn’t sweat it up! It fit well and gave me a boost of confidence, which I think came across during the oral interview panel.

    redhead4242 at msn dot com

  13. I’ve only interviewed for a job once (I don’t think my job at Blockbuster when I was 17 counts) and I wore a black suit, which is SO not me. I felt uncomfortable the entire time I was interviewing and couldn’t wait to get out of the thing! Luckily I got the job though 🙂 Next time I interview, I’ll probably do something much less formal. Either a dress, cardigan, and heels or blouse, skirt, and heels.

  14. Yay give aways. I’m loving the first look with the red heels.

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